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Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Red

by stacy

Fiber internet is a great option for those who need a fast internet connection. While Google Fiber does a great job in providing high-quality internet service to its users, there are times when some users experience connectivity issues. This is often accompanied by the Google Fiber network box blinking green.

Knowing what this red blinking light means and what you can do to resolve the issue is pretty important since sometimes the tech support can’t fix the problem immediately. This guide will explain the Google Fiber Network Box blinking red light and its meaning, as well as how to resolve it.

So, let’s start!

Why is the Google Fiber Network Box blinking in red?

Google Fiber Network Box Blinking Red

In reality, the red light is a sign that something is wrong. In this instance, the blinking red light in your Google Fiber Network Box signifies that either the device has a problem or the Network Box is trying connect. You can fix the red light regardless of its cause. This article will hopefully help you fix the red blinking lights issue.

Fixing the Google Fiber Network Box blinking red light

The following ways to fix the blinking red light issue don’t require any special tech knowledge from you. You can resolve the problem by following these steps carefully.

Make sure to check all cables and connectors

A red blinking light can be caused by a defective or damaged cable, or connector. To determine the cause of the red blinking light, visually inspect the cables and connectors. If you are unable to find the problem, then try another Ethernet cable or power cable.

As you inspect the cables, be sure to verify that there are no loose connections. Also make sure everything is connected correctly to the ports. It is easy for someone to mistakenly connect the Fiber Jack to one the LAN ports. But the truth is, it must be connected. WAN port. It’s easy to recognize it since it’s the port separated from the other 4 ports at the back of the device.

After checking everything, verify that the Network Box’s red light is still on. If it blinks, proceed to the next step.

Restart the Network Box or Fiber Jack

A simple restart or power cycle is one of the most common fixes for electronic devices. This fixes most problems, so why not give it a try?

Unplug the Network box first before you attempt to restart it. Wait for between 10-20 seconds. Plug the network box back into the power supply. Wait for it to boot up fully and then check if the red lights are still blinking.

You can do the same thing for Fiber Jack. After plugging it back in wait for the Fiber Jack LED light to turn solid blue.

Refresh the Fiber Jack

Touching the Fiber jack is something we don’t recommend because the fiber can be easily broken. Many users reported that the red blinking light issue was solved by re-seating their Fiber Jack. This is something you should try if you’re interested. At your own risk

You can still try this solution by finding the fiber jack and pressing the plates where Google Fiber is printed. After a few seconds, you can unplug your green cable and plug in the cable again. This should resolve the red blinking light in your Google Fiber Network Box.

Get in touch with us

Although this isn’t an actual fix it is the final step in case any of the given tips didn’t help you resolve the problem. Contact the Google Fiber Customer SupportThe process is straightforward and they can help you with the troubleshooting remotely. If you have any problems after receiving their online assistance, they will send a tech person to investigate the issue and resolve it.

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