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How to create a group email in Gmail and message important contacts at once

In Gmail, you can quickly create a group email and send an email to your contacts in just a few clicks. This makes it easy to create a group email without having to manually add names to the “To” line for each message.

The process is not obvious so it’s possible you didn’t understand the steps.

How do I create an email group within Contacts?

You must first create an email group in Google Contacts to send group emails. It is easy to add all contacts from the label to an email once you have created a label.

1. Open Contacts from a web browser.

2 Move your cursor over the contact you wish to add to your group and click the checkbox to its left.

3. Enter the name of each contact that you wish to add to the group.

Make sure to check the names of each person you wish to include in your email group. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4. Once you are done, click on the “Manage Labels” button at top of the page. It is shaped like an email label and located right next to the “Send Email” button.

5 Click “Create Label” in the dropdown menu.

For this group of emails, create a new label. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

6 Type a name to be used for your email group label, and then click “Save.”

How do you create a group email using Gmail

1. Open in a browser. Refresh the page if Gmail is already open in another tab.

2. Select “Compose”

3. There are two ways you can add your email group in this email message. Enter the name of the label that you have just created in the “To” section if you can remember it. Click it to bring up the suggestions. All members that you have added to your label will be displayed. Click “To” to save it. Then click “My contacts” in the popup window. Next, click on the name of your label from the drop-down menu.

Select the label that contains the email address group to which you wish to send a message. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4 Now, the group should be in the “To” line of the email. You can then create and send an email as normal.

You should not send an email to close friends, family, coworkers or relatives. It is common practice to place the email addresses on a “Bcc” line instead of the “To” line. This ensures that everyone’s email address will not be publicly shared.

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