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How to eSign purchase orders with Signeasy for Google Sheets

by stacy

If you manage a firm that relies on inventory or supplies (or both!) to function, you’re definitely pretty familiar with the concept of purchase orders. In order to keep your customers satisfied and your revenue flowing, you must have a consistent flow of purchase orders leaving your desk and returning with an approved signature on them.

Purchase orders are used by businesses of all sizes to help them stock their shelves and pay their bills, and Google Sheets is used to make them. However, it can be tough to convert those spreadsheets into signed contracts. Enter Signeasy for Google Sheets, the quickest and most convenient way to get the eSignatures you require for your documents.

What is the procedure?

As soon as you have finished the specifics of your purchase order, click the Signeasy button in the right-hand toolbar of Google Sheets (if you don’t see the icon, you must first download our Google Workspace integration to your computer). From there, you’ll be able to customise your spreadsheet by adding signature fields, including all of the people who need to see it, and sending it off. If you’re the only one who needs to sign the purchase order, you have the option to do so as well.

Maintain a steady flow of inventory and revenue.
Instead of manually uploading files to your eSignature platform after downloading them to your device or the cloud, why not use an automated process? It’s far easier to modify and collaborate on Google Sheets until it’s time to sign the document rather than cluttering your drive with many versions of the same document and, at some point, invariably emailing the incorrect one by accident.

That entails avoiding mistakes that could cause the approval process to be delayed.

Send signature requests to decision-makers directly through the mail.
Remove the need to download physical PDF files to your computer’s hard disc.
Never again will you submit the incorrect version of a spreadsheet.
Reduce the number of steps required between the creation of a purchase order and the request for approval.
Electronic signatures can expedite the acceptance of purchase orders by orders of magnitudes greater than those approved using traditional paper and wet ink methods. Moreover, the sooner you can get your inventory, supplies, and raw materials through the door, the sooner you can begin fulfilling the orders of your own customers and clients. With Signeasy for Google Sheets, you’ll be able to move more quickly than you ever imagined.

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