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Signeasy + Google Sheets: An eSignature industry first

by stacy

A spreadsheet is the foundation of many firms’ financial reporting, and Google Sheets is used by numerous individuals for a variety of tasks such as generating expenditure reports, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. An approving signature from management, a customer, or a vendor is typically the only thing standing between these documents and you receiving payment.

It’s now possible to obtain signatures (or apply your own) on spreadsheet-based documents from within Google Sheets, thanks to the latest SignEasy Google Workspace connection – the first of its type in the designing sector!

How do I get started?

The Google Workspace Marketplace is the first place you should go if you’re unfamiliar with our Google Workspace connection. You can get the free SignEasy add-on there. If you don’t already have a SignEasy account, you can get started by signing up for a free account.

Once you’ve returned to Google Sheets and the add-on has been successfully installed, you’ll notice our logo on the right-hand sidebar. That’s where you’ll go to get access to Signeasy’s self-sign and signature request functions, as well as other useful tools.

How do I use SignEasy for Google Sheets?

As opposed to the long-form documents associated with eSignatures, such as contracts and non-disclosure agreements (which can benefit from our Google Docs add-on), many signed documents start as spreadsheets — think of invoices, purchase orders, and expense reports, for example.

They are frequently linked to a company’s capacity to make revenue or recover reimbursements, thus they are important to understand. As a result, the sooner they can be sent out for signing, the sooner you or your company will be able to access the funds linked with them.

Reduce friction to receive payment sooner.
When your spreadsheet is complete and ready for approval, click on the SignEasy icon in the right-hand sidebar to submit it. With this feature, you will be able to apply your signature and add recipients immediately without having to leave the Google Sheets window.

This integration avoids the need to manually submit your spreadsheet after it has been exported for signatures, as previously required. Every step you eliminate shortens your time-to-revenue, which is especially important if you’re producing numerous sheets at the same time or juggling multiple duties at the same. Time saved equates to money generated.

Prevent administrative blunders.
Are you able to identify with the following scenario? A document is completed, exported to your hard drive or the cloud, and prepared for distribution. Then you receive an edit, which prompts you to export another version. And then there’s another. Now, not only is your hard drive in disarray, but you also have to remember which file is the appropriate one. A mistake is just waiting to happen here.

Without having to export anything, you can collaborate on a spreadsheet until it’s perfect, then send it off for signature without having to do anything more.

Try it out right now!
This integration will assist to make two of your favorite products even more convenient to use, whether you’re attempting to increase income faster, receiving reimbursements before your credit card payment is due, or one of the many other use cases for which this integration is appropriate.

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