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Google Wi-Fi Flashing Red: Here’s What To Do

by stacy

While Google Wi-Fi is not the first mesh Wi-Fi network to be launched, it certainly stands out. It is sleek and minimalist in design, and has many useful features. This is why it is growing in popularity.

This is a great solution for people who are tired of their router and want a reliable, secure, and reliable network solution. The Google Wi-Fi system is susceptible to problems, as with all other networks devices. These issues can be frustrating, but they are easily fixed. We will be discussing what it means when your Google Wi-Fi flashes red, and how we can fix it.

Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi Fi Flashing Red: Meaning

If your Google Wi-Fi points flashes red, it means that something is wrong. It is fascinating to see that this happens more often with wirelessly connected devices than it does with hardwired WiFi points.

Google support will first reset your Wi-Fi point back to factory settings. If that fails, you can contact support.

We would love to test a few things before we apply these solutions.

So, let’s begin!

How to Fix the Google Wi Fi Flashing Red Light

It is our consensus that it is the best way to get help and allow them to guide you through the process. But most of the time we are in a hurry and can’t wait to get things done. Even worse if they put us on hold. Before you call them, take a few moments to try out a few things. Hopefully you’ll get the problem solved and will not need to call again.

Are You Currently Paying the Bill?

Nowadays, we live in a rush so it’s not surprising that we sometimes forget something. These things are easy to notice if they directly affect you. You can also expect no internet connection if you forgot to pay the cable bill. This is why you need to check it first. If everything is in order, you can move on to the next step.

Google Wi-Fi System Power Cycle

You can restart the Google Wi-Fi network manually or via the Google Home app.

If you choose to do it manually you will need to disconnect the power cord from your Google Wi-Fi device.

After allowing it to cool down for a few minutes, connect the Power cable again. Allow it to charge up fully and stabilize. Turn on the lights.

You can also use the Google Home app to accomplish the same thing on your smartphone. Click on. WiFi. Now, tap on the SettingsTap on the icon to find and tap on Restart Network.

After confirming your selection, all devices will become offline. Everything should be working fine after a few minutes.

Hardwire the Problematic Wi Fi Point

This problem is common on Wi-Fi points that are wirelessly connected. If you are able to connect the problem Wi-Fi point with the primary point via a network Ethernet cable then do so. You can then test if this solves the problem.

Reset the Wi-Fi Point to Factory Defaults

There are two methods to reset the Wi-Fi to factory settings. The Google Wi-Fi app can be used to reset the Wi-Fi point to factory settings, or you can do it manually by pressing the reset button on the back or bottom. Here’s a detailed description of how to factory reset Google Wi Fi devices.

You will need to use the Google Home app to reset the Wi-Fi points manually and to add them to your network. You may need to take longer to resolve a complicated network setup. But the main goal is for you to be able use your internet connection again as before.

1. Locate the reset button on your Wi Fi point.

2. For ten seconds, press and hold the button. The light will then turn orange, and then it will turn blue. Release the button when you see the solid blue light.

3. Allow it to finish the reset process. It generally doesn’t take long, somewhere around 10 minutes and you need to make sure not to disrupt the process until it completes. Simply don’t touch the device and don’t disconnect it from the power source.

4. Once the factory reset process is completed, you’ll notice the solid blue light starting to pulse. This means that it is ready for installation.

5. Check the lights after you have completed the set-up.

Contact Support

If you’ve tried all the suggestions above but still get the red flashing light, you should contact support. They will be able to test your connection and help you resolve the problem. The network and devices may need to be restarted several times according to their instructions. So, be patient and prepare to do so. You will be able to set up a network that is fully functional in just a few minutes.

Last words

Google Wi-Fi users often report the issue of Google Wi-Fi flashing in red. If there is an even more serious problem, however, it isn’t difficult to fix it. If that is the case, it is important to seek support. To resolve the problem, you should be as detailed as possible when you contact us.

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