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How Do I Scan And Email A Document From My Hp Printer?

by stacy

Sign in to the printer, pick Scan, and then the Scan to Email function once everything is set up. In most cases, the To: and From fields are pre-filled with your own email address. It’ll be quite simple to have the scanned documents sent to your mailbox as attachments in this manner.

Set up scan to email so that users can scan and send emails to your company’s Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailboxes by following the instructions below. The instructions areas outlined in the Microsoft literature for option 2: How to use Microsoft 365 or Office 365 to send email from a multifunction device or application.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 admin center in a new browser window (admin.microsoft.com).
  2. Select Show all from the navigation menu…
  3. Select Domains from the drop-down menu under Settings.
  4. Select your domain from the DNS records tab. acme.com is a good example.
  5. Take note of the POINTS TO ADDRESS value in the MX record.
  6. Sign in as Administrator on the printer’s web page.
  7. Select Email setup from the options on the Scan/Digital Send tab.
  8. Select Add… in the section Outgoing Email Servers (SMTP).
  9. Choose I know my SMTP server address or hostname and fill in the information you got in step 5.
  10. Next should be selected.

Configure the following to provide the basic information required to connect to the server:

  • Leave the value of Port Number at 25.
  • If the size of the email exceeds (MB), keep the value at 0.
    Make a check
  • Uncheck Validate certificate for outgoing server connections after enabling SMTP SSL/TLS Protocol.
  • Next should be selected.
  • Authentication is not required for Select Server.
  • Next should be selected.
  • Only check the functions you’ll utilize in Server Usage.
  • Next should be selected.
  • Type a company email address (for example, john.smith@acme.com) and select Test in Send Test Email.
    The finish is the last option.

*Emails may end up in the junk mail folders of recipients. To avoid this, change your DNS records on your domain registrar’s website. Add your public IP address to your sender policy framework (SPF) record. Step-by-step instructions for direct send can be found in the Microsoft manual.

Make a check

  • Scan to Email should be enabled.
  • Configure whether or not email fields should be pre-filled and editable. We advise you to:
  • In From, uncheck User editable and pick User’s address (sign-in required).
  • Apply should be selected.

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