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How Do I Set Up Hp Scan To Email On Mac?

by stacy

Configuring Scan to E-Mail

Scanning documents directly to email is possible with the HP OfficeJet Pro X Series of multifunction printers. This function is also available to Mac OS 10 users.

The steps for setting up Scan to Email on a Mac OS operating system are outlined below.

1. Launch the HP Utility program. The Utility can be accessed via a shortcut in the dock or through the Applications folder’s Hewlett-Packard folder.

2. Highlight the OfficeJet Pro X that will be configured on the left side of the HP Utility. Then, on the right, look for the Scan to E-mail icon at the bottom of the window. Select Scan to E-mail from the drop-down menu.

3. This will bring up the options for configuring Scan to E-mail.

4. Select the button that says “Begin Scan to E-mail Setup…” The embedded web server (EWS) for the OfficeJet Pro X will be launched in the system’s default web browser. Scan to Email Setup can be found under the Scan tab at the top of the page.

A warning about visiting a secure website may be displayed. On the warning, select OK.

5. Select Outgoing Email Profiles from the drop-down menu. The mail server information will be configured here.

6. Select the New option.

7. The shortcut/account configuration process will commence.

8. Type in the email address for the account that will receive scanned images/documents from the OfficeJet Pro X. Enter a display name for the shortcut that will appear on the OfficeJet’s front control panel. A four-digit security PIN is also configurable here. To send from the device, this PIN would be required. When all of the necessary fields have been set up, click Next.

9. The email server (SMTP) information must be set up here.

10. This information is used to authenticate the OfficeJet with the mail server in order to deliver scanned documents. This is set up similarly to how a Macintosh email client would be. The information can be easily accessed from the email service provider or by referring to a Macintosh email account that was previously set up. After you’ve input everything correctly, click Next.

11. Select whether a copy of the email sent from OfficeJet will be copied to the account used to send the email in the next window. Click Next after configuring this setting as desired.

12. Check the settings on the summary screen, and if everything looks good, click the Save and Test button.

13. To validate the ability to send an email, OfficeJet will attempt to contact the configured SMTP server using the supplied credentials.

14. If everything went well, the Profiles screen will open, and the new Scan to Email profile will be added to the list.

15. The OfficeJet Pro X has been set up to send emails directly from the MFP’s front control panel.

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