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How Do You Scan A Document And Then Email It?

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How Do You Scan A Document And Then Email It? – Before We Get Into The Topic ,Lets Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Scanning Directly from a Scanner to an E-mail Address

The iPhone’s Mail app was recently modified, making it easier than ever to search and send a document or connect a document from cloud storage to an email. Learn about the latest Mail.

Attaching images and files to an email has always been possible in the iPhone and iPad Mail app. You might take a picture with the camera and connect it to a message to give someone a printed document.

However, a scanned document is not the same as a photograph. One difference is that a picture has a distracting backdrop, while a scan of a document only contains the document. A snapshot of the text on a clear background will suffice, but it will not be as good as a scan. Also, you don’t always need a scanned document to be in color, and black and white are fine; in fact, mono is often easier to read than color.

In certain situations, a scan feature is more useful than the ability to connect a picture to an email. Scanning is a feature that is more geared toward business communications than fun messages between friends, but if you use your iPhone for work email, it can come in handy.

When a coworker or customer requests a copy of a text, instead of taking a picture, you can simply create an email, scan and insert the image into the message, and submit it. There’s no need to mess around with third-party photo repositories or scanning software. Simply search and email.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works. To use the feature, you must have iOS 13 installed on your iPhone or iPad.

1 Insert a scan into an email

In the iPhone’s Mail app, create a new email address. To scan a document and insert it into a message, tap the Scan button just above the keyboard, or tap in the document to display the toolbar, then go all the way to the right and press Scan Document.

2 Take a photo

The iPhone’s camera is turned on, and all you have to do now is aim it at the paper. It aggressively searches for a rectangular piece of paper, such as a receipt in the screenshot, and highlights it. If the text is all white and on a contrasting backdrop, it would probably help.

At the top of the screen, you have a few choices, including color, greyscale, black and white, or picture, which you can choose by tapping the color button.

3 Crop the scan

When you press the button to take a scan, the whole image is shown, with a box drawn around where the document is thought to be. To pick a region of the picture to save as a scan, drag the box’s corners.

This can be used to choose only a small portion of a document if you don’t need the whole document. It also aids in the adjustment of the document’s size and shapes if it has not correctly detected the size and shape of the document. It often straightens out scans that aren’t perfectly vertical.

If you don’t like it, press Retake or approve it by pressing Keep Scan.

4 Send the email

Here’s the scan that was inserted into the email, which, as you can see, is far superior to a simple picture. The context has been removed and the image has been straightened.

You can add text or even another scan to the email if necessary. If you’re ready to email it, click the blue Send button in the top right corner.

5 Attach a document to an email

In the Mail app, there’s a new icon just above the keyboard, as well as a new toolbar item. Tap the right arrow until you see Add Document, then tap the icon or tap in the post. Before we send this email, let’s attach a document to it.

6 Select a recent document

The Mail app displays a list of recently added documents to your personal iCloud storage, which is very useful. If the document you want to connect is visible, tap it; if it isn’t, click See Everything.

7 Select a document to the email

A file explorer, close to the Files app on the iPhone, displays all of the folders in your personal iCloud storage. Simply tap a folder, such as Pages, to open it, and then tap the document you want to email.

8 Send the document

The email has been inserted with a Pages document and is ready to submit using the blue button at the top. It doesn’t have to be a Pages paper; it could be a Word document, a Numbers or Excel spreadsheet, or something else on iCloud.

This feature is useful because iCloud storage is synced with an Apple Mac (and a Windows PC if you have iCloud installed), making it simple to build documents on the Mac and then pick and connect them to an email on your iPhone while you are out of the office or at home. You don’t have to wait until you return home or to the office to send them.

You can email documents from your phone no matter where you are.

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