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How Do You Scan A Document To An Email?

by stacy

How Do You Scan A Document To An Email? – Before We Get Into The Topic ,Lets Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to Scan a Document Into and Email It?

Scanning files into PDF format and emailing them to any email address is possible with scanners, printers, and copy machines. The way you search and email the file is determined by the machines you have.

Scan/Email From the Same Machine

Place the document to be scanned face down on the machine’s glass surface. Make sure the floor is free of any debris or particles.

Choose a scanning format. Select “PDF” in this situation.

If you’re given the choice, name your file before scanning it.

Enter the email address to which the scanned PDF file should be sent.

To scan and email your PDF file directly from the copy machine, scanner, or printer, press the “Start” button.

From Scanner to Computer

Place your document face down on the glass of your scanner, making sure the glass is clean.

Open your computer’s scanning program and choose to save the scan as a “PDF” file.

Name your file, choose where you want the PDF to be saved, and click “Preview.”

If you’re happy with how our document looks, click “Scan” after previewing it.

Open your email program and compose an email message. Fill in the subject line, message, and attach your scanned PDF file from the saved folder. Please send your email.


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