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How Far Apart Can Google Wi-Fi Points Be?

by stacy

Most of us have at least once explored the WiFi signal’s reach. It was common to lose connection while walking around the house in the past. Google WiFi offers seamless coverage and provides seamless coverage for the entire home.

The question we’re here to answer is how far apart can Google WiFi points be without disrupting functionality. We need to first discuss Google Wi-Fi, and how it works.

What is Google WiFi?

Google WiFi

Before we can define Google WiFi, let’s define what a home-mesh wireless network is. Meshnet (mesh network), is a network in which all points can communicate with one another dynamically and directly.

Each piece of the network can communicate, i.e. Every meshnet point can relay information to the other parts of the network. This is useful when we have multiple access points in our home and need a strong signal.

How does Google WiFi work?

It’s a fair question, and the simple answer is that Google WiFi, like any other mesh wireless network, uses WiFi points to establish a strong connection and a secure wireless network across our home.

The signal travels wirelessly from one Google WiFi point (or more) to another. The greater the coverage, the more points you have within your home. There’s no order of points when it comes to signal transmission because it travels simultaneously between all points.

How do you set up Google WiFi?

Install the Google Home app to set up Google WiFi. The app will start automatically scanning for smart devices once we open it. So, it’s going to connect to all the smart devices like Google TV, a camera, a display, etc.

Google Home

If you’ve plugged in your Google WiFi pointsYou can expect it to find them easily but you should choose the exact location. You can also use any point to be the primary, but you will need to connect it with the modem to get internet access.

Once you’ve connected the first point to the modem and turned it on, you need to wait a minute and a half for it to be available in the Google Home app. The app will open when the blue light slowly blinks.

Click here AddClick on, then enter. Set up device. It’s going to be New device and you need to select your home. Click on YesIt is important that you do Scanning the QR codeThat’s it. Then, follow the prompts and your WiFi will be ready.

Addition and positioning points

To add additional points, it is easy. Follow the steps and instructions in your app to complete the setup. You will see the distance between Google WiFi points if you place them further apart.

The app suggests that you use the Google WiFi points. No more than 30 feet1 meter). 10 meters). For better signal strength, however, we recommend placing them closer together.

If you want your WiFi stations to work at their optimum, you may always connect them via wires. Wireless functionality will improve, but the points must be properly grounded. Separated by at least 3 metres (cable range).

How to Improve WiFi Speed

Everything should work perfectly if you’ve done everything correctly and followed the setup instructions. To get high speeds, it’s not enough to set the Google WiFi points appropriately. This is something we can do in the following situations:

  • Stop device connection: There’s an option in the Google Home appTo pause a connection to a device. Selecting the device is all that’s required. Wi-FiClick here to go to Devices. There’s going to be Pause Tap on the device that you wish to pause.

When you’re certain that’s not the source of your slow internet, return to the same menu and select Unpause. Examine the other devices’ connections.

  • Move the device closer: The main reason our internet speed might be low is that we’re too far from one of the Google points. The logical thing is to get closer to get a better internet connection. This is often the best solution for wireless connectivity.
  • Speed test: It’s always good to test your internet speed. If your internet speed is lower than what you were promised by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you may need to contact them to find out why.
  • Restart the networkAlmost always, the answer is a simple restart. Simply turn off all devices connected to your network. Next, turn on your modem first. Wait for all LEDs to come back on.

Once everything is stable, you are ready to connect Google WiFi points. Then connect your primary Google WiFi point via cable to the modem and turn it on. Follow the instructions in the app to set up your modem.


Google WiFi points can be located approximately 30 feet apart. We recommend wired connections between them, however, for optimal performance. The distance between the points should be at least 10 feet.

Google WiFi has a great support forum to help you with any issues. If you have an issue, restart the network. This usually resolves it.

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