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How to Access a Motorola Modem? (A Complete Login Guide)

by stacy

Are you using a Motorola modem? If so, take a few minutes and read this article – it can certainly be useful to you. Here are some tips to help you. Get your Motorola modem.

How to Access a Motorola Modem

Why would you want to have access to a Motorola Modem

Let’s first see why and when you have to access your Motorola modem.

You can have it all! Internet connection problemsFirst, check your router. This is because the router receives the signal from the provider and sends it to the network. You may also have other causes.

In rare cases, a problem with your modem could be one of these other issues. In these situations, it’s good to know how to check the modem. More precisely, it’s good to know how to access it and look at the complete report.

This report will give information about the operation and status of your modem. This report will allow you to view the strength of your internet signal and any potential issues that might affect your internet network.

We will now show you how to do this.

How do you access your Motorola Modem? (Step-By-Step)

Connect the modem directly to the computer that you’re going to use to access the modem (Use an Ethernet cable to connect them).

Open the Internet browser that you’re using to access Motorola modem.

Enter the IP address of the Motorola modem in the web browser. The IP address for most Motorola modems can be found here Enter your IP address in address bar. Press Enter.

The page for the modem (Configuration manager) will load quickly and take only a few seconds. A complete report of the modem’s operation will be displayed once it has loaded.

You will find the Status section in the Configuration manager. In this section, “Cable modem status” – represents the current status of your Motorola modem. If everything is as it should be and if the modem is online, next to “Status of the cable modem” will be “Operational”.

Cable modem status

To check if the connection with the cable operator is good or if there are currently some problems, in the Configuration Manager, click on “Signal” (to the right of “Status”). In the “Signal” section, you will see the following:

Signal section

  • Signal to Noise Ratio tells you how much the signal is “louder” than the noise. If everything is in order, the reading will exceed 25/27.
  • Power LevelThis is the signal strength. A lower signal strength (or it can be negative) indicates that the signal is weaker.
  • Downstream Power Level – represents the signal strength downstream (can be plus or minus). The best reading for Downstream Power Level is   -12dBmV to +12dBmV.

Downstream Power Level

  • Upstream Power Level – represents the upstream signal strength, and the recommended values range from 37dB to 54dB. The internet signal strength will drop if the reading is greater than 54dB.

Upstream Power Level

Note:These readings reflect the current time they were taken. You can, for example, have trouble accessing the internet during rainstorms and storms. If this happens, you should check the modem again and remember the readings in order to return later. If the readings are more positive, it is likely that you have experienced bad weather.

Of course, there are a few more things you can see when accessing a modem, but for you as users, the most important are the ones we’ve just mentioned.

What to Do When You Can’t Access the Motorola Modem?

It is possible that your modem is not working properly.

There are several things that you can do to help in such situations. Here are some examples:

  • Checking the cables is the easiest way to go. You should make sure that both the Ethernet and telephone cables are tightly connected.
  • After a few seconds, turn off your modem and then restart it.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Reset your modemAs follows: Press the reset button located on the back of your modem with an object with a sharp tip. Hold the button for 20-30 seconds.

press the reset button


Follow our step by step guide to access your Motorola modem. The procedure, as you can see, is quite simple and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge. You can access the settings for your Motorola router by clicking here

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