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How to Block a Device From WiFi?

by stacy

Protecting your wireless network is very important. We need to be able to block any device from accessing WiFi. This basically means that only authorized devices and those with the proper authorizations should connect to our WiFi. Any other device could come from anyone with malicious intent and can gain access to our private files, documents and network. They may also use our Internet connection to illegally perform illegal acts.

So, first let’s see how to see who is connected to our WiFi and if necessary, choose who will stay connected.

How do I check if someone uses my WiFi?

One of the ways to check who is connected to our wireless network is via the router’s admin console (web interface).

Log in to your router web interface. You will need to identify the brand of router you are using. “Connected Devices”, “Attached Devices”, “Clients”Or “DHCP Clients List”. You can find them on the Status or WiFi page.

First, log in to your wireless router. We offer step by step router login guides, which will explain how to access your router web interface depending upon the model. So, if you don’t know how to access your router settings, we recommend reading the one for your router brand.

Installing an app on your smartphone or PC can also help you check what devices are connected to your wireless network.

How to block WiFi devices

There are some ways to block WiFi devices. We need to know if the device we are trying to block is already in the network.

1. Change your WiFi password

To block any device from accessing your wireless network, the easiest way is to change your wireless password. This solution has one drawback: once you have changed the wireless password, you’ll need to update it on all of your devices.

The wireless password can be changed pretty easily from the router’s web interface. Although the steps will vary depending on which router model you have, they are generally the same.

1. Login to your router web interface by typing the router IP in the browser’s address bar and entering the login details when requested.

2. Locate the Wireless section on the menus. Depending on your manufacturer, you will need to locate a menu link (or a button) named Wireless. “Wireless Settings”Or “Wireless” Click it.

3. Locate the file named “Authentication Method”Or “Security Mode”. Make sure it is set up to WPA2 and WPA2-Personal. If it isn’t, make sure to select it. You can go on to the next stage if it is already chosen.

4. Locate the field marked as “Passphrase”, “PasswOderd”, “Pre-Shared Key” or “WPA Pre-Shared Key”. Save the settings and enter the new wireless password. If asked, some routers will require you to enter the new password two times. It’s a good way to make sure you haven’t typed it wrong the first time.

Make sure your password contains numbers, capital letters, and special characters. It should contain at least 8 characters. We recommend 12.

5. After saving the changes, all devices will be deactivated from the network. The new password can be used to log into your WiFi once again. Don’t forget to update the password on your devices like the laptop, tablets, smart TV and so on.

This explanation of how to block a device from WiFi isn’t good for people who want to keep their old WiFi password. You can access the Access Control settings of your router if you’re one of these people. Let’s take a closer look at it!

2. Use Access Control on your router

Access Control lets us create a Blacklist for unwanted devices. This method doesn’t require you to change the wireless password. While we recommend the MAC filtering option, we must mention that the MAC address is easily spoofable or modified.

Follow these steps to block a device.

1. Log in to your router

2. Choose the right one. Access Control.

Here’s a quick guide to help you find the Access Control of some popular router brands.

  • Technicolor routers and Linksys routers Advanced > Wireless > Access Control
  • TP-Link and Netgear routers: Advanced > Security > Access Control
  • Tenda routers: Bandwidth Control

3. EnableAccess Control or Access Restrictions

4. In the Access ControlMode selection Block. This will prevent the devices that you have specified from connecting to the network and allow other devices to connect.

5. Click here Add DeviceSelect the device you wish to block by clicking on the button Click on Add device.

6. Save the settings.

The device being used will be disconnected from the network. If the device attempts to login with the same password again, it will get notified that the password is incorrect.

how to block a device from wifi using access control

3. Use an app

A few wireless routers include an app that lets you manage your network. It is a good idea to find out if your router comes with an app that you can download on your phone. Let’s name just a few: Xfinity xFi app, NETGEAR Nighthawk – WiFi Router App, the ASUS Router app and so on.

Final thoughts

We hope this helps you to know how to stop a device accessing WiFi. Keeping proper care of your wireless network is important today and we definitely don’t want anyone accessing our WiFi network without our permission.

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