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How to Bypass Xfinity Parental Controls?

by stacy

This article will show you how to disable two of Xfinity’s parental controls: internet pause and TV parental control.

Xfinity subscribers are most familiarized with the two cool features that give them a good deal of control over TV content and internet access.

Xfinity parental control

They can be used to protect your children from content that is inappropriate for them, to manage their time, and to limit their internet access when they are supposed to be sleeping or working. You should always be prepared for unexpected situations.

Xfinity Wi Fi/Internet Pause

This feature controls who can access the internet and when. 

Xfinity Wi Fi pause allows an owner to block internet access for one user or a whole group. You can also create a schedule that allows you to restrict internet access to certain times of the day for one or more devices.

Many routers and ISPs offer this feature, and Xfinity is no different. It is important to be careful when dealing with children, teenagers, and their guests. 

Xfinity TV Parental Control

Xfinity TV parental controls uses a four-digit pin code. It can be used to block channels or restrict content you don’t want or for minors.

Click on the Xfinity button and then go to the settings icon. This is a picture of your gear at the bottom-right. Next, choose a Parental Control option from the drop-down menu.

Next, open a new tab to choose from different options and create a pin code. You should also know that restricted content can only be viewed by those who have the PIN code.

In fact, it’s rather simple to get around this restriction, so don’t rely on it to keep your kids away from harmful content.

Let’s look at how to get around both Wi-Fi pause and TV parental controls.

How to bypass Xfinity Wi Fi Pause

Wi-Fi pauses can prevent a device from connecting to the internet. There are two ways to identify this device. It can be either the device’s name or the MAC address. 

To make it easier to identify personal devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops, most have their names displayed on the network. They will usually be assigned a brand or model number by default. You can change the name of your device in the settings.

The MAC address is slightly more special. It stands for Media Access Control Address and each device that can connect the internet to the internet has an unique one. It is a serial number that identifies the internet devices. Many network interfaces do not support changing MAC addresses.

Depending on the method used by Xfinity owners to identify devices, different actions can be taken to bypass this blockage.

How to Bypass Xfinity Wi-Fi Pause If You’re Locked by Device Name

As we said, a device’s name is typically a make or model number of the device. However, the user can change this setting in the settings. For example, you can set a Wi-Fi pause rule that prevents the iPhone 13 from connecting to the internet after 10 p.m. If a user changes the device’s name to iPhone 31, it will be exempt from the rule and will allow the user to access the internet because Xfinity will treat it as a separate device.

All wireless devices are affected. If the device name was used to create a rule on a mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC, altering the device name will override it.

Many Xfinity subscribers use MAC addresses to block devices because it is simple to change the name. But there’s a way around this.

How to Bypass Xfinity Wi-Fi Pause If You’re Locked by Mac Address

Download a Wi-Fi MAC switcher app from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android device. Bypassing the Xfinity WiFi pause, it will produce a new MAC address.

You will need the following if you are using Windows:

  • Just click on the Search Bar at the bottom and type in Control Panel 
  • Once you’re inside the Control panel, click on Networking and sharing
  • Then select Change the adapter settings
  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi connection you’re using and select Properties
  • Click here Configure Click here
  • Switch to the Advanced Tab
  • Look out for the Local Administered Wi-Fi address  on the list and click on it
  • Check the radio button under Value and type in random eight digits
  • Click OK

After the wireless adapter reboots, you should be able go online again. You can use an Ethernet cable to connect. The process will be identical if you do not select the Advanced option.

How to bypass Xfinity Ethernet Pause

  • Similar to Wi-Fi, click the Search bar at the bottom of your desktop and type Control Panel.
  • Once you are in the Control panel click on Network.
  • Then select Change Adapter Settings
  • Right-click the Ethernet connection you are using, and select Property
  • Click on Configurebutton
  • Next, switch to the Advancedtab
  • Search Network AddressClick the link to open this list
  • The radio button can be found below TypeType in random 8 digits
  • Click OK

Your connection will be reset and you will now be able go online as Xfinity will recognize your computer as a different device.

How to bypass Xfinity TV Parental Controls

We explained that TV parental control uses a 4-digit PIN code. This allows access to restricted content, channels, or content at a particular time of day depending on the owner settings. You can try five times to get your PIN correct.

The software will block any further attempts for one hour if all five attempts are unsuccessful. You can only unlock the features if you go to xfinity.com/profileYou can reset your PIN manually.

However, you don’t have to log in to the main account. Instead, Xfinity allows you to reset your PIN if you have a restricted secondary account.

Simply go to SettingsSelect Parental ControlsNext, click on Reset.


Xfinity parental controls for TV and the internet are fantastic features that allow you to have more control over your TV and the internet. These features can create a false sense security and safety for parents, as kids can bypass them.

The device name is used by Wi-Fi Pause to identify the device that will be stopped or scheduled. The router will think the device is different if the user changes the name, and the rules will no longer apply.

Alternately, parents could identify the device using its MAC address. The kids can then download the MAC Address Changer or modify the MAC within their wireless adapter settings, bypassing parental control.

A four-digit PIN code is used to block certain unwanted content by parental control. You can reset your PIN by logging in to the secondary account with the incorrect PIN code, even if you have entered it five times consecutively.

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