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How to Change NAT Type on AT&T Hotspot?

by stacy

If you use the internet for multiplayer or online gaming, it is possible that your NAT type has been affected. These problems can be more severe if you use any gaming console manufactured by Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

It all depends on which ISP or Internet Service Provider your NAT type is set up.

AT&T as an ISP can be difficult when it comes changing the NAT type. But, stay with us, we’ll explain how and what you should do if it isn’t.

Before we get into the details of how to change the NAT type let’s first explain what it is.

What is the NAT?

NAT stands to translate network address into English. It serves a dual purpose.

It allows multiple devices on a network to use one public IP address to communicate with each other.

It also acts as a firewall. The firewall feature of the NAT can be the cause of connectivity problems.

There are three types NATs:

Open Oder Type 1,

Moderate Oder Type 2?, and

Strenu Oder Type 3.

Let’s say you are having difficulty connecting to the servers. You may have your NAT set to Type 3, Strict or another NAT on the ISP’s end. This will stop unrestricted communication between your device and the server you’re trying to connect with.

Sometimes changing the router’s NAT type to Open or Moderate can fix the problem. There will be cases when this is not possible. We will give you a tip if that is the case.

Let’s first look at what you can do to modify the NAT type of your AT&T hotspot.

Simple Method to Change the NAT Type in AT&T Hotspot

You will need an internet-connected device and your AT&T credentials to do this.

Open the internet browser on your device, and go to http://attwifimanagerPlease enter your credentials. AT&T’s website is slow to load.

Log in to access SettingsClick Here Router

Find BasicSetup. Toggle the UPnPSwitch ON .

UPnPUniversal Plug and Play is an acronym for Universal Plug and Play. This protocol allows devices to discover each other over the network and communicate freely. By turning it on, the NAT type can be changed from strict or moderate.

This option is not available on the AT&T website. This is because not all AT&T hotspot devices support this feature.

AT&T can help you if your device isn’t working properly.

If you’re only gaming on a computer, there is a way to bypass the NAT restrictions on your AT&T hotspot. However, it only works on a computer.

How to Change AT&T Hotspot NAT Type on a PC

This one is also very simple. It is easy to install VPN software.

VPN is an acronym that means “virtual private network”. It’s a software program that allows you to communicate over the internet with another computer, using the same protocols as you would with your own network.

There are many VPN services available on the Internet, both paid and unpaid. You can download the best VPN solution for you and then install it.

Create an account and choose the VPN server with the lowest ping to your country.

Connect to that server and try running the game you previously couldn’t.

You should now have Moderate NAT and it should work.

What the Downside to Changing the NAT via VPN Server

The main problem with changing the NAT style using the VPN server is lag. This lag can vary depending on your location, the VPN software you use, and what games you play.

After all, it’s not the same thing to play RTS, RPG, or FPS with the ping of 100+ ms.

Check out the video below to learn how VPN can change your hotspot’s NAT type.

Strict NAT Type | Mobile Hotspot Fix


AT&T hotspot can make it difficult to change the NAT type from strict or to any other. This is because the ISP uses another NAT. Although this is an easy process, not all hotspots allow or support it. Log in to the Nighthawk hotspot portal http://attwifimanagerTurn ON UPnP by going to Settings.

AT&T will provide a hotspot that is compatible with the UPnP. Otherwise, you won’t have the ability to change your NAT type.

You can also change the NAT type of the AT&T hotspot. However, this only works if your computer is connected to the internet. This does not apply to gaming consoles.

You can install VPN software and connect to any VPN server from anywhere in the world without needing to send a ping to outside the USA. After you have connected to the server, your NAT should be changed to Moderate.

We hope that we were able to help you solve your NAT problem with the AT&T hotspot.

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