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How to Change Shaw Wi-Fi Password?

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Shaw is a telecommunications company from Canada. It provides services for mobile phones, television, and the Internet. It has a lengthy history in business, having been started in 1966 and now employing about 10,000 people.


This article will detail the steps involved in changing Shaw WiFi passwords.

Information on Routers

To change the WiFi password at all, you’ll need to know some basic router information, including the WiFi password, network name, and default IP address.

It is easy to find this information on routers as it is usually on the sticker at the router’s back. This information is sometimes not available, but it is very rare. Another way to reach your default IP address is to use another method. The procedure is simple – type Ipconfig in the command prompt and press Enter. The number will appear under Default Gateway. This number is the IP default addressThe router.

Reset your Shaw Wi Fi Device

For several reasons, it is recommended to change your default password and create a brand new one. It is important to remember the password as it will prevent your administrator from accessing the modem. Don’t worry if this happens; you can quickly reset the password and restore the factory default settings. To be clear, we’re talking about the password for your router, not your WiFi password. The passwords are distinct. Your WiFi password is used to connect to your WiFi network, while your router password is used to access the router’s settings. They don’t have to be the same, but they can.

It is easy to reset a modem. These simple steps will help you reset your modem.

  • Look for the hole in the modem’s back where the reset button is.

where the reset button is located

  • Now, press the button. Use a paperclip or another similar object to press the button, as it is located in a small hole. Press and hold the button for at most 15 seconds.

That’s the whole process – your modem password has been reset.

Note:All changes made are deleted and restored to factory settings by the reset process.

How to change Shaw Wi Fi password?

Shaw has a wide range of modems. While the procedure for changing your WiFi password is identical on all models of Shaw, it is not the same. We believe that you can change your password on any modem/router, and the same thing will work on any Shaw gateway.

We will show you how to change the WiFi password on two popular WiFi gateways from Shaw’s offer:

  1. BlueCurve Gateway (mobile)
  2. BlueCurve (desktop).
  3. Hiltron modem CGNM-2250

How to change Shaw Wi-Fi password on BlueCurve Gateway using the App

BlueCurve Home app

BlueCurve Home app

  • After you open the application, click on the Connect option.
  • Tap View Network in this step.
  • The pencil will be located in the upper-right corner. Click on the pencil.
  • In a new window, you will see the WiFi name and password options. To change your WiFi password, click on the WiFi name.

tap Apply Changes

  • After you’ve entered your new password, click Apply Changes.

That’s the whole process, your WiFi password has been successfully changed.

How to change or find your WiFi password with the BlueCurve Home App

Note: You will likely need new credentials for all connected devices after changing your Wifi password or name.

How to change your WiFi password on BlueCurve via PC

There are two ways to change Shaw WiFi passwords for BlueCurve gateways. The first is via the web configuration manager, which uses the default IP for a BlueCurve Gateway ( The second is by using the Shaw BlueCurve Home web portal. Both options include accessing the WiFi section, and editing your WiFi password. We’ll show you how to change your WiFi password through the web portal.

  • Navigate to the BlueCurve Home web site using your browser.
  • Shaw Gateway’s admin section is now open. Login is necessary. Log in using the default name (admin), password (password).
  • After logging in, select Connect.
  • Click View Network in this step.
  • Click on Edit WiFi.
  • Click on the WiFi Password Option to change your password.
  • Last thing you need is to click on Apply Changes.

This is it. Your WiFi password was successfully changed.

Note:You will need to change your WiFi password or name and enter new credentials for all devices you have connected.

How to change Shaw WiFi password on a Hiltron Modem

  • Type is the first step. the following information into your Internet browser.
  • This step will require you to log in with your default username (cusadmin), and your default password, which can be found at the bottom or back Shaw Hiltron modem.
  • Logging in will open a list of options. Click on Manage Wireless to access them.
  • There will be either 2.4G and 5G networks. You will need to click on which one you wish to edit or change the WiFi password.
  • Look for the Passphrase field. Enter your new WiFi password in the Passphrase field.
  • Next, click on Save Changes.

Manage Wireless

This completes the process. Your password has been successfully modified.

Note:After changing your WiFi password, you need to connect to your WiFi network with your new WiFi password. 


We recommend that you change the WiFi password after setting up your gateway. Don’t use the default WiFI name and password. This will protect your network from unauthorized access and abuse.

Create a “strong” password that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

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