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How to Change Vodafone Wi-Fi Password?

by stacy

Vodafone is a telecommunications firm based in Newbury, England. It was established in 1982.

With more than 100,000 employees, it’s a leader in digital services and products on the African and European markets. It is also present in Asia and Australia.


If you are a user or potential user, Vodafone routerIf so, this article is right for you. We will provide detailed instructions on how you can change your WiFi password.

Vodafone Router Information

You will need to be familiar with the basics of your router before you can change your WiFi password. By ‘’basic’’ we primarily mean the default WiFi password and network name, as well as the default IP address.

This information is typically located on the router’s back. There is an easy way to find the default IP address if this is not the case (rarely). Open the command prompt for Windows users at the beginning of the procedure. Next, enter ipconfig. After that, hit Enter to confirm. The default IP address is the number listed under Default Gateway. ( the IP address defaultFor Vodafone routers.)

Reset your Vodafone Router

A router reset is a straightforward procedure that can be used when you cannot remember your WiFi password. Resetting removes all settings that were entered by the user, and restores them to their default/factory settings.

Locate the reset button at the router’s back. You will need a paperclip or similar to press the button, which is located in a small hole at the back of your router.

Press and hold the button with a paperclip. All The router has lightsThe device will turn on first and then, in a few seconds, it will turn off.

Once the lights have gone out, you can press the button. This completes the process. Your router has been reset to factory settings.

How to Change Vodafone WiFi Password

Two ways to change the password for Vodafone WiFi (as well as the network name) are available:

  • Via Vodafone Broadband app (Android/iOS)
  • Via web browser (using Vodafone Broadband PortalOr the default IP).

Not changing your password (or network name), will cause you to be disconnected from the network. To reconnect, you will need to enter the new credentials.

How to Change Vodafone Wi-Fi Password

How to change your Vodafone WiFi password via the Vodafone Broadband App

Before you start, make certain that the WiFi is turned on.

Now you will need to open Vodafone Broadband.

Once you’ve opened the app, select the WiFi section (or the Main WiFi tab), and then tap the pen icon.

Main WiFi tab

You will see the Password and Network options. Enter a new password and click Password.

The tick will apply the changes.

Password options

How to Change Vodafone WiFi Password Via Web Browser

You first need to enter into your internet browser.

The welcome screen will be displayed. This screen will prompt you to enter your user name (Vodafone usually default), as well as the default password (located at the router’s back). Click on Log in.

Once you’ve logged in, select the WiFi option.

WiFi option

Scroll down until it appears under Change Password or Set Password. Click on it to activate the option.

Set Password

In this step, you must enter the New Password, and then Re-enter it – enter the same new password in both fields.

Click the Save option.

Click the Save option

Just click the Apply button at the end.


To prevent others from using your WiFI or unauthorized access to your network, it is recommended that you change your default WiFi password. It is very easy to change your password, as you can see from the two previous sections. We suggest you use “strong passwords” – a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, characters.

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