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How to Change Xfinity Wi-Fi Password?

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Xfinity is a brand which offers internet services, cable TV, and phone service. Comcast created it in 2010

Customers are frequently perplexed as to whether the two companies are one and the same. The answer is that Comcast is an American firm that began operations in the 1960s and is still in operation today. It is the owner of Xfinity (along with a number of other brands).

To be more specific, Comcast sought to boost its image, so it went through the rebranding process. Many of its previous services now have a new prefix. Comcast High-Speed Internet, for example, was renamed “Xfinity Internet,” and Comcast Digital Cable was renamed “Xfinity TV.”


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This article will demonstrate how to change your password for Xfinity wi fi. If you’re an Xfinity customer, please read this article.

Information about Xfinity Router

To be successful Change your wi-fi passwordYou will need to know basic information about your router (router name, code) The router’s IP address). This information is usually found on the sticker located under the router. If this is not possible, there are other methods to access the IP address. This is how it works:

  • Use the Windows button and letter R to open the RUN window.
  • You will need to enter CMD in it and then click OK.
  • The next step is to write. IPCONFIGPress ENTER, then click OK.
  • The router’s IP address is the four-number sequence under the default gateway.

default gateway

Reset Xfinity Router

Resetting the router is a good idea. This will fix any connection problems and enable the Internet’s highest speed. This procedure can also be used when the Internet is slow. don’t knowYou will need to know the router’s username and password. Resetting the router will allow you to restore default credentials.

It is easy to reset your router. First, locate the reset button. It is often located on the back side of your router. It is small and recessive in size. You can press it with a pencil or paperclip. It is necessary to hold the router until the lights on the router’s front turn off (and begin blinking).

Xfinity gateways

In a matter of seconds, the lights will turn on again. It may take some time for the wireless network to appear. That’s the whole procedure – your settings have been reset to factory defaults.

How to change Xfinity Wi-Fi password – Xfinity xFi

  • Log in to login.xfinity.com first.

Xfinity xFi

  • Select MY ACCOUNT from the top of your screen, and then click OVERVIEW. Select Manage Internet in the OVERVIEW tab.

select the option MY ACCOUNT

  • The next window (Services) will show you your wi-fi network details. This includes your network name, password, and network name. You should click Edit with xFi.

click on Edit with xFi

  • Once the next window appears click Edit Wi-Fi

Edit Wi-Fi

  • Select security mode (preferably WPA2), then enter your new password, and click on Apply Changes.

select security mode

How to change Xfinity Wi Fi password using your mobile phone

  • Before you can start, it is essential to The Google Store allows you to download the applicationOder App Store.

Xfinity My Account app

Xfinity My account app

  • Logging in to Xfinity My Account is the second step.
  • Select the NETWORK option from the menu (on the right) in the lower portion of the screen.
  • You will now need to choose your gateway (under NETWORK DEVICES).

NETWORK option

  • You can view your WIFI settings by clicking on Show Wi-Fi settings. To change your WIFI password, click on the Change Wi-Fi Setting button. Enter your new password, making sure you use both uppercase and lowcase letters.

How to change Xfinity Wi-Fi password – Xfinity Gateway Web Manager

You can also change the WI-FI password using your gateway’s web manager. This method is compatible with all routers/gateways, and it works differently to the other methods.

  • Find your router’s default IP address. In our case, it’s
  • Type into your browser. Enter your username and password when the login window appears. The default passwords for Xfinity gateway is admin/password.

Open your browser and type in

  • There are many options when the Web Manager opens. You can click on Change Password at the top right corner.

click on Change Password in the top right corner

  • This step will ask you to enter your password and then to enter (and re-enter!) your new password. Once you finish, click on Save.

change password

Alternate Method

Once the Web Manager opens select the Gateway tab. Select Connection, then Wi-Fi. After the Wi Fi window opens, select Private Wi Fi network and click Edit.

Private Wi-Fi network

You will find advanced Wi-Fi settings here. Not only can you change your password but you also have the ability to modify your network name (SSID), Wi-Fi mode, security mode and channel. Click on Save Settings to enter your new password.

advanced Wi-Fi settings


We have tried to show you how to change your Xfinity Wi Fi password. This is a simple process that will protect you from any misuse of your internet connection.

It is recommended that you use a combination or uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers when changing your password. It is recommended that your password be changed from time to another.

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