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How to Connect a Landline Phone to a Modem?

by stacy

Many people don’t know the difference between VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and regular digital landline phone. We often get asked questions like “How do I connect my landline phone to a modem?”

We have decided to simplify the topic and explain it further. We hope you find this article helpful.

Landline Phone Technology

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), transmits voice using analog signals and copper wiring. These signals and the wire allow us to communicate with other people. It’s more complicated than that.

Telephone lines are made up of twisted pairs copper wires. Each pair contains four cables. There are usually four cables in each pair. These cables connect to the exchange circuit board and our house.

It is possible to purchase a numeric keyboard that has a circuit board underneath. You can use the buttons to dial digitally. Each digit is assigned a DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling). An exchange uses a computerized system to locate the recipient and connect us.

This is how you call a friend. We then take the handset from our hands and place it in front. We hear a dial tone and push the numbers to call our friend. The dial tone signal that we are connected with the exchange circuit

By pushing the buttons, we send signals to the exchange. The exchange then sends signals our friend so that the phone rings. When they pick up their phone, there is a circuit between them and the exchange. We talk until the other closes the circuit (hangs on).

VoIP Technology

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to transmit voice over the internet using IP (Internet Protocol). This is why you’ll often hear terms such as broadband telephony or IP telephony.

This phone system converts voice signals into digital signals so they can be transmitted over the internet. A VoIP server connects our calls to the phones of our recipients.

VoIP and other services

While VoIP technology is becoming more popular for landlines, some people still use the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Many people have a smartphone. What allows these channels to communicate with each other?

It works in the exact same way as calling a landline number from a mobile phone. To enter the registers, we dial the numbers from the phone.

Once the recipient has been located, the nearest base station contacts his phone and makes it ring. This usually happens through the SS7 (Signaling Systems No. 7). There is a way to link a landline phone to a mobile device.

VoIP to landline connections can be a bit different. A call from VoIP to a phone on a landline must use the network until it reaches its recipient. This is why you may get charged an extra fee if you are using a VoIP phone.

If you can’t call someone on a landline and instead try to call someone using a VoIP phone to make the call, it will probably be free because it is part of your internet access subscription.

VoIP benefits

VoIP phones have many advantages. VoIP phones offer many benefits. They can be used over the internet.

  • Cost-effectivenessAlthough calls made using VoIP services seem free, we have to pay for their internet subscription. It’s likely to be cheaper than using an old telephone number.
  • We require less hardware: With a small hardware footprint, we can have many functions with very little hardware. We don’t need to use multiple ports or different systems for more functions. Or just the basic functions on our phones.
  • More functionalityVoIP phones are capable of performing almost all functions of mobile phones. You can forward calls or block numbers. We would need to have a lot of equipment to do this with a regular phone line.

How to connect a VoIP phone with a modem

Let’s now talk about the advantages of VoIP and how they work. First, we need to review the VoIP phone parts checklist. Next, we will discuss the steps needed to connect the VoIP phone to the modem.

VoIP phone part checklist

VoIP phones look almost identical to regular landline phones. All VoIP phones come with a base unit as well as a handset. The base unit, the handset, a phone, a stand, and a power cable. An Ethernet cable is all that separates a VoIP handset from a regular phone.

The handset acts as an earpiece. The Ethernet cable and the handset cable are different. They are very similar in appearance, which is why many handset cables come coiled. This allows us to tell the difference and correctly install them.

VoIP phone modem connection

First, we must assemble the phone. Take the HandheldConnect the handset to the Internet. handset port The base unit of the phone is the Coiled handset Cable. Next, place the stand under the base.

This Connect your phone to an Ethernet cable Your modem can be connected at any port. Your phone’s base unit must have a SW (switch) port. They can be connected together. Switch on your VoIP phone. It is necessary to plug it in.


Now you are more familiar with the differences between VoIP phones and regular landline phone numbers. You are also more aware of the benefits of VoIP phones. You also understand that you don’t have to know how to link a landline phone with a modem. However, you do need to know how you can connect a VoIP telephone.

If you have any questions about installing your VoIP phone, please contact your VoIP service provider.

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