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How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Public Wi-Fi? (Quick Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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NintendoIt is a video gaming console that offers its customers and players a variety of online and offline games. Switch is available in a range of models, each with different features to suit the needs and preferences of its users.

Since Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, you can use it both – at home (TV mode or the tablet mode) and outside (as the handheld mode).

Another device produced by the company is the Nintendo Switch Lite. This device can only be used in handheld mode. It allows you to play anywhere, at any time.

Before you connect to a public network

Many public areas, including hotels and restaurants, offer Wi-Fi free of charge to customers who want to use it for both work and pleasure. Many people prefer to use the public Internet, mostly because it is free, and many public areas have excellent connections to help with the customer’s day-to-day internet needs.

Access the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite with the Nintendo Switch Internet for online gamesPublic places. If you’re in an area that has a strong Connect to public Wi-FiIt won’t be difficult to gain internet access.

Public facilities such as restaurants have signs that indicate they offer Wi Fi to customers.

Before you start using your Nintendo gadget, ensure that it is located in a safe place. It is crucial to consider Wi-Fi security since many hackers use public networks as a platform to access and tamper with people’s private information.

It is common to try and tamper your connection. Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. This happens when hackers intercept data transmissions between your device, and the hosts of your internet connection.

Rogue Wi-Fi hotspots that have the same name and address as your intended network are another reason to be concerned. These hotspots were created by criminals to let users connect to them instead of the legitimate network.

They may have different intentions and flood your device with malicious software. They could also exploit software flaws on the Nintendo System for their own benefit.

To avoid being a victim, double-check the network’s name before connecting. Most malicious networks are very different from legitimate ones. For instance, if the legitimate network has an ‘I’ in the name, hackers might replace it with a ‘1’, which is hard to notice unless you are extra keen.

It is important to verify that encryption has been enabled on the network. This is because most routers require technicians to activate encryption settings when they are being set up. You might want to reconsider using the network if it doesn’t have encryption. You can, however, use the network if you are brave and wish for the best.

After you’ve completed a Wi-Fi security check, you can access your Wi-Fi by following these steps.

Accessing Public Wi Fi on the Nintendo Switch

You will need a stable and reliable Internet connection to be able to access public WiFi. To establish a connection, follow the steps below.

  • Select the home menu option on your Nintendo screen
  • Go to the system settings
  • Click the Internet option on the menu
  • Next, click on Internet Settings. This will allow you to search for Wi-Fi networks available.
  • If you don’t find the one you are looking for, press Y to search again for available networks. Public networkYou’d like to connect with.
  • Choose the network name you would like to use.


  • Select OK if you don’t need a password for your network service to function.
  • A pop-up will ask you to enter your password if the network requires it. These can be found on the wall nearby. If you don’t know the password ask an attendant, or any other person who may know.
  • Click OK to connect to Wi-Fi.

Without any hindrances, you will access the connection in a few seconds, and your device will show that there you’re now connected to Wi-Fi.

Select OK to connect to the Wi-Fi

Manual connection to the Wi Fi Network

Sometimes, the network name will show but with a hint grey. This is caused by the network’s security type.

These steps should help you get over this obstacle. These steps also work if the network name refuses to connect, or it does not prompt for your password.

You will be guided through the process by these steps:

  • Click the home button at the top of the screen
  • Choose the setting option
  • Next, select Internet and go to Internet settings
  • To set up the manual connection, select the manual option

Select the manual option

  • The information page will be displayed. You will need to manually input the SSID number. This allows you to identify the network services you are trying to access.
  • Next, adjust the security protocol to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK depending on your router’s security settings, and then enter your password.


  • Click OK to connect to the network

These simple steps will allow you to establish a working connection.


Connectivity to the network can be affected by a few factors. To regain proper connectivity, you might consider the following steps:

  • Move closer to the router once you have located it. Avoid obstacles between the router and you, especially any metal objects. They can cause signal interference, which leads to poor connectivity.
  • Restart your device. This will reset your connections, hopefully giving you better connectivity after the device reboots.

You cannot access the network because it is public. Reset the router. If you have access to the router settings, change band from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. This trick worked for some users.

If your Nintendo is refusing to connect to a public network completely, you might want to investigate. Set up a hotspotYou can access it from a different device, such as your computer or phone.


It is easy to connect to public Wi-Fi networks, as we’ve seen. Enjoy your wireless internet connection! online gamesWhen you are carrying your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

You can reconnect by following these steps.

Your safety should always be the first priority when you use public Wi-Fi. Enjoy your gaming!

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