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How to Connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi Without Remote? (Alternatives Provided)

by stacy

Samsung is a top-brand smart TV. It must be an amazing experience. A Samsung TV, like other TVs comes with a remote that can be used to navigate the programs. Sadly, we all misplace and lose remotes, and that’s when the problems start.

We don’t really think that much about our remotes until they are gone. You don’t know what you would do without your remote TV control. You can change channels, switch between sources, adjust volume, and even change the channel. What if you need to connect your Samsung TV with Wi-Fi using a remote? What if you don’t know how to do it? No? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help!

Keep reading. This article will explain how to use the remote to connect your Samsung TV and Wi-Fi network. This problem can be solved in three ways. Let’s get to it.

Physical Buttons

You can navigate your Samsung TV by using only the physical buttons, or in some cases just one button or a joystick. But, this native method can be quite limited. Look for the Power On/Off switch at the bottom or back of your TV panel. After pressing the toggle button, the TV will turn itself on.

The TV’s physical button allows you to set basic settings such as volume and channel. you won’t be able to navigate through the menu and connect to an unknown Wi-Fi. However, if you just want to connect your TV to a previously memorized Wi-Fi network and you just can’t turn on your TV without the remote, then use that one button on the bottom or back of your TV.

Samsung Smart TV App – SmartThings

Samsung is a well-known consumer electronics company. SmartThings has a special app for controlling smart home gadgets like Samsung smart TVs. To use the app, you must have both your TV and your phone linked to the same Wi-Fi network. So you won’t be able to use the app to connect the TV to a new Wi-Fi network, but there is a solution. You’ll need two phones for this workaround: one with the Samsung Smart TV app and another that will be utilised as a mobile hotspot.

This is the most crucial phase in the entire procedure. You can’t simply enable Mobile Hotspot on that phone; you must alter the hotspot’s name and password to match the name and password of a Wi-Fi network that your TV previously learned (it can be the last known network your TV was connected to or any other network that your TV used in the past). This is so that your TV may automatically connect to the hotspot’s Wi-Fi.

You can turn on your TV by installing SmartThings on your smartphone. The TV will then connect to the hotspot. Connect your SmartThings-enabled phone to the same hotspot. Once your phone and TV are on the same network, the app can be used to control your TV.

Open the app and go to Dashboard. You will see if your television is listed. If it’s not, tap on Devices and then Add New Device. Once you have added your TV, the app will allow you to navigate through your TV settings, locate the Wi-Fi settings, scan available networks, and then connect your TV with your home Wi Fi network.

How to Setup a Samsung Smart TV With the SmartThings App

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network with your Samsung TV, you can turn off the hotspot and then reconnect to that network to regain control.

Note:Instead of using another smartphone as a hotspot device, you can use your own phone. Change the SSID (WiFi name) or password for your new Wi-Fi network so that it matches your old Wi-Fi network’s name and password. You can do that in your router’s settings. 

Wired Keyboard & Mouse

One of the most cost-effective options is to use a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s like buying a universal remote, but with more features. Problem is, not all keyboards or mice will work with Samsung TVs.

If you do not have a remote control, but you do have a compatible keyboard (preferably the Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard), these are the steps you need to take to connect your Samsung Smart TV to Wi-Fi.

wireless keyboard

  • The USB transmitter included with the keyboard/mouse can be connected to one of the USB ports on your TV to connect them. Pair your keyboard/mouse and you’re ready to go.
  • Once your TV has linked the keyboard, you can navigate settings using it. Navigate to Settings and scroll down to General. Then select Network Settings. The next question will ask you whether you would like to connect to a Wired or Wireless network. Select Wireless.
  • Now you have connected your TV to the Wi-Fi network. You can then control your TV with the keyboard and mouse.

Note: if you don’t have a mouse, you can still navigate using the keyboard’s arrow buttons / Enter / Esc (Home).

Connect with an Ethernet Cable

If you are unable to find a wireless or wired keyboard and mouse, there is nothing to be concerned about. The Ethernet cable can also be used to connect to WiFi, provided that your TV has an Ethernet port. An Ethernet connection is stronger, faster, and offers a better signal. It can be used permanently or as a temporary solution, depending upon where your router is.

If your router is too far away and you don’t want to deal with wiring, simply move your TV closer to it and connect it using a short Ethernet connection. Don’t worry, you won’t leave your television there. This is only the start.

An Ethernet cable connects your TV to your router. You can then plug it in and turn on the TV using the physical button. The TV will be automatically connected to the internet since a wired connection doesn’t require a password.

Now you will need the Samsung SmartThings application. Install it on your phone. Follow the sign-in and initial settings to get control of your TV. Once you’ve completed the initial app setup, the app can be used to control your TV and navigate around settings. Navigate to network settings to connect to your Wi Fi.

When you connect your TV with Wi-Fi, it will automatically remember the Wi-Fi network. Turn off your TV and then disconnect it from Wi-Fi. Then, you can bring it back to the original location. It should automatically connect to Wi-Fi when you turn it on.


By now, can you still say you don’t know how to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without remote? This is the right stage to be able to say goodbye to your Samsung remote. You should not have any problems if you follow the steps described above.

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