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How to Connect Sky Box to Wi-Fi Without WPS Button? (Quick Setup Guide)

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Wi-Fi Protected Service (WPS) allows you to establish a fast connection between your router and your broadband modem. This feature is available on Skyboxes and is easy to use with other Wi Fi-capable devices.

Some Skybox models do not have this feature and some are out of date. Users may prefer other connection methods, which do not require pressing the WPS button.

Don’t worry, we will explore other ways to connect your Sky box with a Wi Fi router.

What is WPS?

Wi-Fi Protected Systems (WPS), is a technology that makes wireless connections without the need for a password. It allows the router’s security key to be automatically shared with Wi-Fi-enabled devices when they are near each other.

WPS allows for the sharing of information between two devices connected to the internet. It doesn’t manage the connection.

All Sky boxes with Wi-Fi are equipped with the WPS button. This button can be used to connect your Sky box to the router, other WPS device, or Sky Wi Fi booster.

  • Next, press the WPS button within one minute on your Sky box. Both devices should then automatically connect.

If the connection succeeds, the Skybox LED light will be solid amber.

First things first!

It is important to verify your firmware version before you start setting up a connection. This will allow you to check if your equipment is eligible for a Sky upgrade.

Press Service Click on the Sky remote and check your software version. Next, go to Setting. Once you are there, you can select system details If your software version begins with 4E30, Contact customer support to request an upgrade for no charge

How to connect without the WPS Button

You can connect the Sky box without using the WPS buttons in a variety of ways. These depend on whether or not your Sky box has the WPS buttons.

They are.

Follow the below steps to connect your Skybox to Wi-Fi.

  • Press ServicesThen 0Then, press five on the remote and it will take to you to the Network tab. Alternativ, press Services The Sky remote can be found here Settings>Network.
  • You have three options when it comes to connecting your Sky box and Sky internet. Password to Connect.

Connect with Password

  • Once you have selected this option, Skybox will begin searching for wireless networks around you. Enter your network name to find out more. Select.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Wi Fi password. If you don’t know your password, it can be found on the label attached to your router along with your Wi Fi name.

Wi-Fi name

Wi-Fi passwords must be entered in the correct case.

  • If the connection succeeds, a notification will be displayed on the screen. Click the RedClick on the remote to select Catch upSky services are available to you.
  • Use the Wireless Connector

If your Sky box doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities, and you still wish to use WPS to set up a connection, there is a way. This will mean that you’ll need to go a bit deeper in your wallet.

Another option is to buy a Sky wireless connector kit. It’s a companion device that allows Sky boxes with no Wi-Fi access to the internet.

You can use the WPS button to connect to WiFi. If your router has a WPS option, you can use the WPS link.

Sky wireless connector box

To put the box together:

  • Then plug one end into theEthernet cableOne end goes into the Skybox, the other into the connector box. Both ports have green lights.
  • Next, plug in the StromkabelThe blue end of the wireless connector should be plugged into a power socket.
  • You will receive a message advising you that a broadband connection has been detected when you turn on your TV.
  • Enter the password via your remote keys and select your network.
  • After that, you will see a screen with all your connection details. You are now ready to go.

Use a wireless connection to connect to your Sky box. Make sure that it is high off the ground. As long as there aren’t any obstructions between the Skybox box and it, you can place it on the Skybox.

It is important that you note the SC201To work, the box model needs a power adapter as well as an Ethernet cable. You can find the following information: SD501modelOn the other side, it uses a USB Cable as a power and data-sharing cable.

Sky no longer makes the wireless connector units. If you are looking to buy them, you’ll have to settle for used ones.

  • Use WPS Pin

Alternativly, if your Sky box or router supports WPS, you can use it with out touching the WPS buttons.

You can connect by using the WPS PIN from your Sky remote. Services.

 Then go to settings>networkChoose to Connect with WPS PINFollow the prompts on your screen by clicking “Enter”,

While some routers don’t have a WPS button, others have WPS functionality. To access it visit the routers administration page via your router’s IP address. The most popular ones are, and

Most likely, the WPS settings are under Advanced Settings. If you cannot spot the settings, they might be under the names; Quick Secure Setup (QSS), Push ‘n’ Connect, or Wi-Fi Simple Config.

WPS PIN is less secure than other methods because it’s easy to use brute force attacks to gain access.

VIDEO TUTORIAL – Ways to Connect Your Sky Box to Wi-Fi

Notable Points

There are differences between Sky boxes, Sky+ HD boxes and Sky Q boxes. The Sky Q box is smaller and slimmer with a WPS button.

Sky HD boxes were the predecessors to Sky Q boxes. You should upgrade to the latest Sky Q version. You will have all security loopholes closed and the latest features. An upgrade would be a good idea.

The WPS push-button method is faster and easier to use, but it does have some disadvantages. It is not secure and anyone can access your connection if they have physical access to the router.

An Ethernet connection can also be used if the above methods fail to work. This is the fastest and most reliable way to connect Sky and other wireless devices with your router.

Last Thoughts

The above information should help you to understand the complex world of Sky boxes and WPS connections. Make sure that you have correctly connected all cables when connecting devices via other methods. Now all you need to do is choose safety over convenience when using Wi-Fi-protected settings.

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