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How to Connect Two Wi-Fi Routers Without a Cable? (Is it Possible and How to Do It?)

by stacy

A mesh Wi-Fi system, which is a main router and extenders plus one, is becoming more popular. We can help you connect two Wi-Fi routers to your existing network without the need for a cable. There are several ways to add another router into your Wi-Fi network. But before we get into it, consider these options and requirements.

Mesh Wi Fi is worth looking at

The mesh Wi-Fi system is relatively new, but it’s become more popular recently. In a mesh Wi-Fi system, you’d have a series of wireless access points working seamlessly with the main router. The mesh system is essential because everyone in a house depends on one router. Devices placed too far from the router will not receive any signal.

Mesh wireless access points can solve this problem because you can place them anywhere in your house. They will act as separate routers, providing internet signals for the entire home. To increase your Wi-Fi signal, you can add extenders.

WDS Bridge

If the router supports Wireless Distribution System bridging, you can connect the second router wirelessly. It expands your Wi Fi network without the use of wires.

Use an Ethernet cable

For the wireless routers to be configured, you’ll need to connect the computer to the internet via an Ethernet cable.

Now, let’s begin looking at ways to connect two Wi-Fi routers without a cable.

Configure the Main Router

Your Internet Service Provider or your third-party router will provide the main router. Follow these steps to configure your main router.

  • Connect the router to the power source, and then press the ON button.
  • It can be connected to the internet by connecting one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and the opposite end to the router.
  • Find your router’s IP address. You can use the command ipconfig and enter it into your Cmd Prompt.
  • Copy this IP address and keep it in your mind
  • You can click on the Internet browser.
  • Type in the IP address on your browser’s address bar.
  • Find the router’s username and password in the router’s manual or at the back of the router (on a sticker). When prompted, enter the credentials.
  • Find the Network Setup page, and search for DHCP. It should be disabled by default. If it’s not, enable it.
  • Next, write down information about this router that may be necessary to set-up the second router.
  1. The first and final IP addresses in the DHCP Pool.
  2. Wi-Fi name and password (SSID)
  3. Security Mode (e.g.. WPA2-PSK AEES) and frequency band (2.4GHz and 5GHz).
  4. The router’s MAC address
  • Save the changes you’ve just made and disconnect the router.

Configure the Secondary Router

You need to wirelessly link or bridge the second router now that you’ve configured the main router and have all of the necessary information. The following are the measures to take:

  • Connect your computer to the second router using an Ethernet connection in the same way you connected the main router previously.
  • Use the same methods as before to access the router’s admin page.
    Go to Advanced > Network Mode or Connection Type to enable WDS bridging mode.
  • Please enter the details of the information you have obtained from the main router.
  • You’ve set up the bridge and now set up the Wi-Fi on the second router.
  • Give a name (SSID), e.g., “My 2nd Wi-Fi Router,” and give it the same password, security method, and Wi-Fi channel as the main router.
  • When you switch on the bridging mode, the DHCP server must be turned off. But if it’s not, go to Network setup > DHCP > and disable DHCP.
  • You can connect the Wi-Fi routers using the button Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), which is located on each router without the use of a cable.
  • Restore any modifications you have made, and then disconnect from router.
  • You can place the second router farther away from your main router, but still within its range. It is possible to use it now as a secondary router.

How to Connect Two Routers Wirelessly (Secondary Router Supports Repeater Mod)


Even though mesh Wi-Fi systems have become so common, they may still be too costly. You may not be required to connect as many devices. A router from the past may be enough for your specific needs.

Here are the steps we used to connect two Wi Fi Routers using only a wireless router. The guide may not be as easy as ABC, but it’s not that technically challenging as well. Anyone with some DIY knowledge should be capable of handling it. You might find someone else who can handle it. All you have to do is provide the second router.

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