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How To Email Scan?

by stacy

How To Email Scan? – Before We Get Into The Topic, let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Scan to Email

Scanning business documents including contracts and plans and emailing them to clients will help you save money on paper and long-distance faxing. The method of translating a document into electronic format is identical for many scanning devices, whether you have a standalone scanner or an All-in-One printer. Although you can scan a document directly from a scan-to-email printer or most All-in-One printers without using any additional software, advanced scanning software gives you more choices, such as the ability to choose a document format and resolution. You can connect the scan directly to a message in Windows Live Mail after you’ve created it.

How To Scan The Email Few Steps ?

Scan to Email automatically scans a photo or document, launches your e-mail application, and attaches the file as a JPG image to a new outgoing message. This feature works with MAPI-type e-mail such as Microsoft® Outlook, but not web-based e-mail such as Yahoo® or Gmail

Before you begin, on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder.
  1. Select Scan by pressing the Home button.
2.Pick Scan to Email by pressing or.

3.Select the computer from which you will send the e-mail:

•If your Artisan 810 Series is directly connected to the computer with a USB cable, select USB Connection.

•If your Artisan 810 Series is connected to the computer over a network, select the name of the computer on your network.

4. When scanning completes, you see this window:

Select the e-mail program you use in the Select E-mail Application list.

6.If you want to resize your image(s), choose an option under Select Photo Size.


The box at the bottom of the window displays information about the image file(s) you’re attaching to the e-mail message.

7.Click OK. Your e-mail program is opened and any scanned images are attached to a new e‑mail message. See your e-mail program for help if you need instructions on sending your e‑mail message.

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