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How to Enable UPnP On AT&T Router?

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What is UPnP?

UPnP is an acronym for Universal Plug & Play. It is a collection of protocols that allow seamless connectivity and communication between different devices in the same network. It’s easy to use, does not require drivers and can be used with all types of connections and devices.

It can be used with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as Firewire and InfraRed. It will work with any modern media that uses Internet Protocol. This flexibility and ease make UPnP a popular choice for SOHO applications (Small Office/Home Office).

Why do People Enable UPnP?

The primary reason that people enable UPnP on routers is for connectivity and ease-of-use. Mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and other smart household devices can connect to the network via this feature. These devices can be connected to the home network so they can find each other and collaborate. 

Gaming is another reason people want to enable UP&P on routers. For gaming consoles such as the PlayStation or Xbox, NAT type must be set to open/moderate in order to establish a connection to their game server. This is possible by automatically activating UPnP. Learn more about the NAT types by clicking here Here.

UPnP does not require authentication and thus presents a serious security risk. This is exactly why some AT&T routers do not support UPnP.

Is your AT&T router capable of supporting UPnP?

AT&T is both a phone company as well as an ISP (Internet Service Provider). AT&T provides internet services via phone lines (DSL) and fiber optic cables. You’re lucky if you have internet through a phone line. You can activate UPnP on your router if it supports it. AT&T does not allow this feature for fiber optic customers due to security concerns.

AT&T Router

Don’t despair if you fall into this category. You can still make it work with a few key things.

We’ll show you how to skip to the fiber optics section.

How do I enable UPnP on my AT&T DSL Modem/Router

As we said, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line Technology) is used to provide internet service to those who are connected via their phone lines. You should be able turn on UPnP. However, this will depend on your router’s firmware and model (firmware is software that is used to operate the router).

This will only work if you have an internet browser installed on your device. You can use any device (tablet, mobile, and PC) to do this.

You will need to go to the router’s administrator panel to enable the feature. This can be done via the web browser. However, you will need to know some things first. Three pieces of information are required to access the router settings.

  1. Router’s IP Address
  2. Administrator username
  3. Administrator password

It is easy to find the router’s IP adress. It will usually be printed on a sticker located at the router’s rear. If that is not the case, you may have to do the following.

Enter cmd into the search box. Right-click in the Command Prompt app and select ” Run As Administrator.” After the app opens, type ” Ipconfig” into the search bar.

The default gateway will have the router’s IP address written next to it. Enter the IP address (it should look something like into your internet browser’s address box and hit Enter.

The login page will open. You will need administrator credentials. The default username and password, as well as your IP address, are printed on the sticker. However, if they have been changed by you or your ISP, simply enter the new ones to gain access to the router’s admin panel.

Once you’re inside, look for the UPnP option under the menus. It will be found under “Home network”, “Advanced features” or “more settings,” depending on which model you have.

You can toggle the switch when the feature is listed in the menus ON. Depending on your model, you might also check the box.

What should you do if you have AT&T Fiber Optics

We’re sorry, but there is no way for you to turn on UPnP at your router if you are part of this group. There are several options depending on what you need.

You can buy an additional router from Amazon or another retailer to enable UPnP connectivity.

There are many ways for you to get UPnP to open your NAT if you are a gamer. Port forwarding or setting up your console as DMZ is possible.

How to change the NAT type of the console. Port forwarding and DMZ are both available for all devices, even though the article focuses only on the PS4.


You will need administrator credentials to log into your router and enable UPnP.

You are not able to get your internet service via fiber optics. This feature can’t be enabled on your router. There is still hope.

A second router can be purchased in the shop. You connect it to AT&T’s router and then the universal plug and plays on the new device.

You don’t have to do this if you want to change your NAT type from OPEN. If so, then try port forwarding and DMZ.

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