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How to Fix Netgear Router Internet Light Blinking White?

by stacy

There are many LED lights on the Netgear router to indicate its current state. Whenever we have a problem with our connection, in most cases, taking a quick look at the LED lights can tell us what’s happening and what might be causing the problem. The Netgear router’s internet light blinking white is one example of such a situation.

We will describe in this article what the blinking internet light means on your Netgear router, and how to fix it.

What does it mean when the Netgear router’s internet light blinks white?

According to the manuals that we reviewed, a blinking light on the Internet indicates that the port has sent or received traffic. It is possible, however, that your Netgear router has not connected to the modem. This is a common problem with modern routers.

How to fix Netgear Router Internet Light Blinking White

There is an option that you can take on your own to fix this problem. As a last option we are going to leave to contact the customer support, so we won’t include that part in this article. This post is intended to help you resolve this issue on your own.

Fix 1 – Reboot the Netgear router

This is a quick, simple and effective way to fix the Netgear router light blinking white problem.

Log in to your Netgear router from the admin dashboard and you can restart it. The Reboot option can be found in the Advanced section in Netgear Genie. You can find the Router InformationSection find the Reboot button. Rebooting takes approximately 2 minutes.

Fix 2 – Restart your network

Restarting your home network is the first thing that you can do. If you haven’t performed this action before here is how to do it properly.

  1. Turn off the modem and unplug it from power.
  2. You must disconnect all devices that are connected via your home network.
  3. The Netgear router should be turned off and the power supply disconnected.
  4. Connect the modem to the power source, and then turn it on.
  5. Turn on the Netgear by connecting it to the power supply.

Wait for the LED lights stability to return and then check to see if your Netgear router’s white light is back on.

If it’s still blinking try the following fix.

Fix 3 – Check the Cables and Connections

The blinking white internet light may indicate that your router or modem has failed to connect. You should inspect all cables and connections. It is possible that the problem is caused by a damaged or loose cable.

You should replace damaged cables. It is best to unplug and reconnect all cables.

After you have checked the connections and cables, take another look at the internet lamp. If it’s still blinking go to the next step.

Fix 4 – Reset your Netgear router to factory settings

There may be a problem with your router settings. It is better to do a factory reset if this is the case. This will reset all settings to factory defaults. It is crucial to do this correctly. Here is the official guide.

It is important to understand that any previous settings such as a WiFi password or custom network name will be restored to their original values. This means you’ll need to start over with setting up the router. You will also need to reconnect all devices connected to your network using the new password if you have changed it during setup.

Final Thoughts

If the Netgear router Internet light is still blinking white after you’ve tried all the solutions, your ISP may be having problems with their service. It is best to call customer service and have them help you remotely.

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