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How To Fix PS4 NAT Type Failed?

by stacy

Did you ever experience lags or poor network performance while playing on your PS4? Have you ever had to use voice chat in situations where you couldn’t connect to the internet?

A failed error occurred when you tried to connect to the internet using an NAT type that was not supported by your connection.

What is NAT?

NATStands for Translation of Network AddressThis is a way to allow multiple devices with different IP addresses to use a single public IPv4 to communicate with the internet. Although it was originally designed for other purposes, NAT’s predominant use is the IPv4 address pool preservation.

There is a secondary function to NAT. This is where you have problems. NAT acts as a firewall and allows access between networks and devices that are subject to a set rules.

How many NAT Types are there?

There are three types NATs with different levels and restrictions.

Type 1 – Open

Traffic is not restricted by this NAT type. Type 1 will allow all traffic to pass through your PS4. We will talk about security risks that can be posed by allowing the NAT type to open.

Type 2 – Moderate

This NAT type limits access to ports and restricts the amount of access that can be granted. You won’t experience any issues if the NAT type of the other end is set at 1 or 2.

Type 3 – Strict

This NAT type restricts all incoming data. This is the default setting on most routers. If your NAT type fails to work, it will be used. Only if the NAT type at the other end is set as type 1 – OPEN, it will allow connection.

Your NAT type should be set to 1. This will cause the greatest connectivity problems. This will leave you open for hackers and expose you to security threats. You shouldn’t be at risk if the NAT type is only changed for the PS4 and not other network devices. Type 2 will function just as well as type 1, but it will almost certainly cause problems.

How to change the NAT type for the best results

Although you can make some adjustments to fix the NAT type failure problem, the router and PS4 will not work correctly.

Before you do anything, make sure you know your network settings. They are essential for this task.

Designate the PS4 as a Demilitarized Zone – DMZ

DMZ is a buffer zone in your network where you can assign one device.

Devices that are assigned to DMZ will not be able to communicate with the internet, while all other devices will be protected by firewalls.

There are two options. You can randomly assign a static IP to your PS4 via the PS4 settings. Next, go to the router’s control panels to assign the IP as DMZ.

Another way is to locate your PS4’s MAC address, then open the router’s admin panel while it is online and reserve the IP address that PS4 is currently using. Next, add the IP and MAC addresses you just found to DMZ.

Let’s start at the top and show you both methods.

Next, go to Setting up a 4K TVNext and enter the following: Network. Select View the connection status.

Note the information next to your IP Address. Subnet Mask. Default Gateway. Primary DNS and Secondary DNS.

You now have all the information that you need to navigate SettingNetworkEstablishing an Internet Connection

Choose Make use of Wi FiOr Use LAN depending upon how the PS4 was connected to the router. If you choose Custom, Select the correct option to configure your IP address manually

After the default gateway information, enter the IP address. View the connection status but change the last set numbers to something between 130-150. For example, Copy the rest of the information to the relevant fields. You can also change the DNS servers to the Google public DNS by entering and respectively. Later, you can test to see if DNS changes affect the connection speed.

Once you have completed all fields, click Next.

The MTU is closed Auto

Don’t use aProxy Server

Now check your Internet connection.

If the connection succeeds, then you can close the PS4 setup.

Switch to your phone or to a computer connected to the PS4. Open the internet browser and type the IP address that you used to establish the default gateway.

Enter the router’s admin panel by entering the administrator username/password. The default administrator username and password can be found on the router’s back.

Once you are in the admin panel browse the available options and find the DMZ option. Each brand of router has a unique user interface and layout. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can search “how to find DMZ option on Model” and click “make“.

After you have found the DMZ option, activate it and enter the IP address that you assigned to PS4 using the manual settings. In our case, it was

Save your settings and restart the router if needed.

How to add PS4 to DMZ

You can open the PS4 Menu, go to Settings > System> System informationWrite down the MAC address.

PS4 system information

Open the internet browser from your phone or computer. Type the default gateway address in the address bar and hit the enter key. Log in with administrator credentials to access the router’s admin panel. You can then view the status and find the IP address of your PS4 by looking at the status. Once you have the data, visit the section for reservations regarding IP addresses. You can have different location settings between routers. Make sure you have the manual handy or look online for help. After you’ve found this option, click NewEnter your PS4’s IP address and the MAC address you found under System information.

Once you have done that, locate a DMZ option (location may vary depending on make and model), and then add your PS4’s static IP address to DMZ.


UPnP is an acronym for Universal Plug and Play. Although this feature allows free communication between all devices on your network, it can pose a serious security threat. Hackers can use UPnP to make your home network a battlefield.

You will need to log in to the router’s admin panel with the same username and password as above. Locate the option to enable UPnP and click on the enable button.

Port forwarding

Port forwarding is the best way to change your PS4’s NAT type, but it takes the most effort.

You’ll first need to assign a static address to your PS4, much like with DMZ. However, instead of adding that address directly to the DMZ you will go to Port forwarding. Different games have different ports so you will need to research which ports you should forward for each one. We’ll be using Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in this instance.

Select 3074External Port Range and UDPProtocol. The internal IP address will be assigned to the PS4.


If none of these options work, contact your ISP to see if they have an additional NAT layer. Some ISPs have an extra NAT layer called Carrier Grade NAT. They will need to make changes in order to allow you to OPEN NAT type to your PS4.

Because the internet is highly regulated, it won’t work if you are in China.

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