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How to Fix the Linksys Velop Blinking Red Light Issue?

by stacy

You should consider the Linksys Velop system to increase the performance and reliability of your home wireless network. This mesh system consists of a primary and secondary nodes. The LED light at the top of nodes is a handy feature that shows us the operation of the nodes. This light is very useful when the Linksys Velop begins to blink red. This article will explain what this means and the steps to fix it.

But first, let’s see what this Red blinking light It is telling us.

What does the Linksys Velop Blinking Red Light mean?

Linksys velop blinking red light

The normal light color that we want to see on our Linksys Velop would be solid blue. This is a sign that the node has been tested and works correctly.

The Linksys Velop is not, however. Blinking red lightIt means that The link between the node’s primary node and it is broken. This could be a sign that the node has gone out of range or that there is no connection to the primary node.

This can be fixed. Well, yes. So, let’s get started!

How do I fix the Linksys Velop Red Light Blinking?

Here are some commonly used solutions to the Velop blinking blue light. Please take your own time and carefully follow the instructions. We are certain that the red blinking light from your Linksys Velop will stop flashing by the end.

Bring them closer

As we mentioned, one reason for the red blinking light is that the node is out of range. Therefore, it makes sense to move the nodes closer. You can try a better position to see if the red blinking light goes away. it’s solid blue now. If it isn’t you will have to try the next solution.

Call your ISP

Your Velop system may blink red if your ISP has service issues, is doing maintenance on their equipment, etc. The easiest way to check this is by getting in touch with your ISP and asking them if they can check what’s going on. They can inform you about a service problem or offer solutions.

Make sure to check the cables and connections

If the primary switch is blinking red, it could indicate that there is a problem with the connection between the primary and modem. Check all cables and disconnect them if necessary to ensure that they are properly connected. An untied cable can cause connection problems that can impact the network.

You can move on to the next solution if you confirm that everything is connected but still have the red light blinking at your Linksys Velop node(s).

Restart your Linksys Velop system

Resetting your Linksys Velop to factory defaults is faster and more secure than restarting it. The factory reset restores the factory settings, but the settings you made are not saved during the restart.

You can either restart your Linksys Velop using an app, or manually.

Restart with an App

Install the Linksys appon your smartphone or tablet. Both Android and iOS versions are available. Log in to the app. Click the Icon settingsScroll to the top-right. Select Network AdministrationThen, find and tap on the Restart VelopYou will find the button at the bottom. Click on Restart.

Start from the Admin Dashboard

Login to your Linksys Velop system by typing linksyssmartwifi.com in the browser’s URL bar on your device. To access the admin dashboard, enter your Linksys login credentials. Click on after you have logged in. Troubleshooting You will find the Router Settings section. Then select DiagnosticsFrom the horizontal menu and in RestartSection click on Restart Velop System. Click here to confirm Click on the “Restart” button.

After restarting the Velop system, all devices will disconnect. Then they will reconnect when the network and node is ready.

Restart manually

If you find the above steps confusing, you can restart Velop manually. You will need the Velop system to be disconnected from the power supply. Then wait a while before reconnecting it to the power supply. After the system has started up, you can check if the blinking red lights are still on.

Factory-Reset Rour Linksys Velop System

This is generally the last option, as you will need to reconfigure your Velop system again. If you want to restore your Linksys Velop system’s factory settings, all previous settings will be lost.

Linksys Velop factory reset button

First locate the Reset button to perform the factory reset. It’s located usually at the bottom end of the node. Hold down the Reset button at the Velop node until the top LED turns red. After that, it fades to red and then flashes again. This is a sign that the Linksys Velop has been reset to factory settings.

Get in touch with Linksys Support

We hope the above article has helped you fix your blinking red lights on your Linksys Velop. If the red light continues to blink despite everything being tried, it is a good idea to contact Linksys by telephone, chat, or Twitter. They are very helpful and supportive.

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