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How To Fix The “Wireless Capability Is Turned Off” Error?

by stacy

You couldn’t connect via Wi-Fi. So you tried the Troubleshooter and Windows informed you that wireless capability was disabled.

We’ve got you covered!

It is not unusual to see the error message “Wireless Capability is Turned Off”. This error message is more common with laptops than desktop users. It is most likely to be caused by Windows power management settings. However, it could also happen due to other causes. This error is often easily fixed.

Let’s see how it works.

Power Management Settings

Windows power management settings can be used to reduce power consumption, preserve parts and prolong the battery life if you are using your laptop. power management may cause some issues and can give you headaches, especially if it’s not obvious.

One of these things is to turn off the wireless network adapter in order to reduce power consumption. It is easy to solve.

  1. Open Network Connects.
  2. Right-click your wireless connection to select Properties.
  3. Below the name of your wireless adapter, click on ” Configure“.
  4. Switch to the Energy Management tab.
  5. To save energy , uncheck “
  6. Click OK.

Restart the computer to make sure it works. If the error message persists, restart the computer.

Windows Mobility Center turns off wireless

In the Windows search bar, type “Windows mobility center” and click the button to open the app. Turn on the wireless if it is off.

The keyboard is switched off for wireless

You should check if your wireless keyboard has been turned off accidentally (God knows that I have done it more than once on my laptops).

WiFi key on keyboard

Take a look at the function keys. The picture of the antenna will help you identify the key. It could be anywhere on the F2, F5, F6 or any other key depending on make and model. However, it will be usually in the top row, activated with the Fn key.

Use a keyboard to activate/deactivate wireless. If that doesn’t solve the problem, and you have turned off power management already, then your situation may be caused by network adapter drivers.

Let’s first check the drivers.

The wireless network adapter driver for the router is corrupt or missing

Sometimes, network drivers can become corrupted or out of date. To fix this issue, you will need to replace or update them.

You will need to access the device manger in order to update or replace network adapter drivers.

This can be done by right-clicking the Windows button, pressing Windows+X on your keyboard, and clicking the Device Manager.

Open the device manager and look for Network adapters to the left. Click on the name of the adapter to expand the list. Right-click the name of the wireless adapter, then click the Update driver.

You won’t be able to connect to the internet at the moment so you will need to choose the “Search my computer to find drivers” option.

Select “Let’s me choose from a list available drivers for my computer” in the new window.

Click Next and check the box next to “Show compatible Hardware”.

After the update is complete, your Wi-Fi capabilities should be restored. There are two options if your Wi-Fi is not working.

  1. BIOS is experiencing an error. You will need to correct it.
  2. The wireless network controller has been damaged.

While we will show you how to update your BIOS, it is best to leave the actual process to a professional . Many things could go wrong if this is not done correctly .

Perform a BIOS update

You can find the most recent BIOS version of your laptop at the manufacturer’s site if you are using a laptop.

Save the BIOS version to your USB drive.

Connect the USB cable to the laptop, and then restart it. The menu will appear on the screen and you can update your BIOS.

BIOS Update

If you have a problem with your wireless adapter, you can follow the same procedure. You can still find the most recent BIOS version on your motherboard’s manufacturer site.

The wireless network adapter has failed

If none of the above steps produce positive results, it could be an issue with your adapter. You have no other options than to take the computer to the service, and pray for the best.

We hope you found this article helpful. See you soon!


When troubleshooting Network connections, the most common error message is “Wireless capability has been turned off”. This error message is more common on laptops than it is on desktop computers.

This error message can be caused by many things. Most common is the ability to turn off your network adapter in order to conserve the battery. People often accidentally turn off wireless capability using the keyboard shortcut on most laptops.

Wireless capability issues that are not related to power management or misusing the keyboard shortcut can often be traced back to the wireless controller or drivers needed for normal operation.

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