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How to Fix the Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light Issue?

by stacy

It’s not uncommon for your Xfinity router flashing green. This is usually a sign that your internet connectivity is not working properly. It is important to understand what the green light means and how you can fix it.

So, let’s begin!

Why is my Xfinity Router blinking green?

While the green blinking indicator may not always signal a problem, Comcast and Xfinity customers may suffer an unreliable internet connection.

How to Fix the Xfinity Router blinking green Problem

There are usually multiple reasons for this, so let’s look at what they are and how to remedy them.

Loss of or damaged cables

It is unlikely that you will come in contact with your modem or router’s cables. There are still some chances that they have been damaged by you while you clean the house, move the router or modem, or replace the equipment.

Damaged cable

Just in case, make sure to check both ends of the cables and ensure that they are securely connected to the ports. You should also check for visible damage to the cables and connectors. Also, make sure that the cables are not bent unnaturally.  If the damage is severe, you may need to replace the cable.

After you’ve checked everything, the green light is still blinkingAfterwards, you can move on to the next step.

Service outage

You may experience poor service quality, no service or even no service due to an ISP’s scheduled maintenance.

This is how you check if the green blinking light is coming on with your Xfinity router. You can either call Comcast directly or check the Xfinity app. downdetector.com to see what’s happening at the moment.

Splitter damaged or not working properly

Sometimes the cause of this problem may be a damaged or malfunctioning splitter. We highly recommend the Xfinity splitter.

You can connect the splitter directly to the router to check if it is causing the problem. If you don’t have one, you can use another splitter. Hopefully, you won’t see the blinking green light again.

Is your router overload?

You can check that your router is not overloading, which will cause the green blinking light to turn off. It is also recommended to disconnect other devices from the network, and then see what happens.

You can also reset the router to check if it has changed anything.

Restart Xfinity gateway

The Xfinity app, Xfinity web or manually can all restart your Xfinity router. Manual restart is the best option, and it’s very easy. Simply disconnect the router and wait for it to cool down before reconnecting it. The green blinking light should disappear when the router boots back up.

Reset your Xfinity Router by Hard-Reset

We recommend the factory reset as our last option. This is because the router will be reset to its factory settings. It also means that the router must be set up from scratch.

Most people don’t like this. To fix the problem, you can either perform the hared reset or contact Xfinity support.

Xfinity Router

You can reset the Xfinity router using the admin dashboard or the reset button located on the router.

You will need to use the Admin dashboard to factory reset your Xfinity router. login to your Xfinity router first. Then navigate to Troubleshooting. Use the left-hand navigation menu to select Reset/Restore Gateway. Click on Restore Factory Setting.

You will then be able login to your dashboard using the default username/password. But, this will require you to setup the router completely from scratch.

You can also factory reset the router by pressing the Reset button hidden at the router’s back. Simply use a paperclip or pen to press the Reset button for about half an minute.

The router’s lights will turn off. Now release the reset button and wait for your router to start up again. This should get rid of the blinking green light.

Is your Xfinity Router still blinking green? Contact Support

If the green light still blinks after you’ve tried all of the above steps, it is time for you to contact the Xfinity tech support. They will be able to test and diagnose the problem and then guide you through the correct steps.

Hopefully, your Internet connection will be back up and running within minutes.

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