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How to Get a Sky Wi-Fi Booster?

by stacy

Are you looking for strong wireless signals throughout your home? Sky Broadband Booster may be the best choice for you. We’ll show you how to get it and what the benefits are of using it in your home.

Who can activate Sky Wi-Fi Booster?

Sky Broadband Boost can be obtained by all Sky customers. All Sky service users cannot receive it. You can get the broadband boost immediately if you have Sky Broadband Superfast or Superfast 35 packages.

Those who don’t have one of these plans will need to upgrade first. Customers can contact Sky customer service to activate their Wi-Fi booster.

Sky Broadband Boost works just like other broadband plans. The contract is for 18 months. Customers can renew their contract in minutes.

Perks of the Sky Broadband Boost Service

Sky Broadband Boost comes with a few additional perks. You can receive reliable wireless signals from any place in your home. Sky charges customers PS15 for maintenance visits that take place on weekends or evenings. This service is available to all broadband booster customers at no cost! All broadband booster customers can get this service for free, regardless of whether they booked their appointment online or by phone.

You’ll also be given priority when it comes time to schedule engineer visits. Sky will conduct daily quality checks to make sure your line runs smoothly. Sky Mobile and Sky Broadband Buddy will also be available once your broadband booster has been activated.

Sky Wi-Fi Booster Guarantee – Money Back Guarantee

Sky promises that at least 3Mbps of Wi-Fi will be available in every room in your home. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a full refund. Sky customer service may require that you complete additional steps before your refund is processed.

If you don’t already have one, you can get one for free. If you have any problems with your connection, you will get your money back. Sky will allow you to use Sky Broadband Boost services free of charge for the remainder of your contract.

Daily Checks

It usually takes a few weeks for the broadband booster to become operational. Stabilization is the name of this process. After this time, Sky will run background checks on your line each day. Sky will conduct background checks on your line every day after this period to determine if there are any issues with your connection.

If a problem is found, the support service will run additional tests. If the support service is unable to resolve the problem, an engineer will be dispatched for further investigation. Text messages will provide any information you need about whether or not a problem has been identified.

Sky usually runs background checks daily between 12 and 5 a.m. There’s a possibility that they might miss one or two days due to exceptional circumstances. These circumstances could include an outage in your area, or a problem you have already reported. Sky will not check your Wi-Fi signal if you report an issue. Only Sky’s team can fix it.

Sky Broadband Buddy Feature Access

Sky Broadband Buddy is your remote control for your internet connection. To limit and control what you do with Sky Wi Fi, download the Sky app to your smartphone. It works with all Android and IOS phones.

Sky Broadband Buddy offers many useful features, such as the ability to create filters for family members. This allows you to manage the internet access of your children without having to manually filter everything. You will also be able to suspend a household member’s internet access. They will not be able to access the internet again until they are unpaused.

You could also set regular bedtimes and time limits. This will ensure your children don’t use the internet while they sleep or study. As you can see, Sky Broadband Buddy is extremely useful. If you choose to purchase the broadband booster, you’ll be eager to get it!

Sky Mobile Joining

Sky Mobile customers also have an option: the Sky Mobile feature. You’ll receive 2GB extra data whenever your broadband goes down if you activate this feature.

This reward is available to you if the outage was not planned or lasts for more than 30 minutes. Unexpected broadband outages must occur between 7 AM – 11 PM. This data will be available in your Sky Piggybank within 24hrs.

Final thoughts about how to get a Sky Wi Fi Booster

Voilà! All the information you need about the Sky Broadband Booster. We also provided information about how to get this service. We also discussed the many benefits associated with activating it. Contact the customer service to get started with the Sky Wi-Fi booster!

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