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How to Get Wi-Fi at Home for Free? (Get Free Wi-Fi Without Stealing)

by stacy

It’s possible that you’re trying to figure out how to get free Wi-Fi at home. Although there is no such thing as a free lunch, having free Wi-Fi at home must feel like you’re being taken on a world tour.

There are also times when your internet connection is lost due to poor weather or a faulty cable. When you’re in that circumstance, free Wi-Fi is a godsend.

There are numerous methods for obtaining free Wi-Fi, but not all of them will be effective for you. In this piece, we’ve provided a few options for you to consider. Let’s get started without further ado.

Look for Wi-Fi hotspots that are available.

When you think of free Wi-Fi, the first thing that comes to mind is discovering local Wi-Fi hotspots. Maybe one of your neighbours forgot to put up a password on the Wi-Fi network, although that’s uncommon these days as people become more worried about internet security. However, if you stay in a crowded city or suburban area, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a cafe or public space with an open Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, some individuals are unaware that you may download a free programme that will provide you with information on thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. It will scan your network for Wi-Fi SSIDs and passwords and give you with a list. To receive Wi-Fi at your home, simply tap on the one that interests you.

Wi-Fi hotspots explained

Share your Internet Service with a Neighbor

It sounds impossible to believe that you can share an internet connection with your neighbor and not lose speed. However, if you have a nice relationship with your neighbour, it will be simple. If you don’t, you’ll have to hone your sales skills to persuade your neighbour of the benefits when you pay your subscription in alternate months. For the next six months, everyone will have free Wi-Fi.

Internet Sharing with A Friend (Mobile Hotspot).

If you invite a friend to your home, you can ask them for internet sharing, especially if they have unlimited data plans. In case your friend has never shared the phone’s mobile hotspot before, here are the steps:

  1. The quick settings can be lowered.
  2. Tap on the hotspot icon. It looks almost the same as the Wi-Fi icon but has a small link symbol.
  3. The hotspot for your phone is active.
  4. Find your friend’s Wi-Fi network and sign in with your friend’s hotspot password.

How to create a mobile hotspot with your iPhone

Use ISP’s Free Internet

Sometimes, the Internet Service Provider (ISP), will set up Wi Fi hotspots for free in the city. If you are a resident of the city, a free hotspot will be available. Free Wi-Fi is available at your home.

Some ISPs offer a free trial of their internet service. You can sign up for the trial version if the service is available near you. For the best chance of not paying, you must unsubscribe before your free trial ends.

Purchase a Powerful Antenna

An antenna with strong signal can be used to get free hotspots even if they are far away from your home. A customer premises equipment (outdoor CPE) can be used to provide long-distance internet access and can reach hotspots up to 10 miles away. You will be able to access free Wi-Fi further away if you have the funds.


EveryoneOn, a government-initiated program, partners with the communication commissioner to help low-income families get internet for free. Let’s say your family is not included in this category. You can still get free internet through EveryoneOn if you have at least one household member who is active in federal aid programs.

Using NetZero

NetZero provides a free dial-up internet connection to low-income people. It’s important to keep in mind that dial-up connections have sluggish internet speeds. As a result, it’s inappropriate for high-bandwidth applications like video streaming, huge file downloads/uploads, and online gaming. If you only need the internet to browse and check your emails, NetZero is still free.


So far, we’ve shown you many methods for obtaining free Wi-Fi at home. While some may not be suitable for everyone, you can still give them a try. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find an open Wi-Fi hotspot.

But keep in mind that public networks are a hacker’s dream. If you aren’t secured when utilising a public hotspot, they can take your personal information such as credit card and banking information, as well as your home address. To mask your traffic and data, you can utilise a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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