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How to Get Wired Internet in Multiple Rooms?

by stacy

3 Ways To Get Internet In Another Room (Wired & Wireless)

This may seem a bit odd in the 21 st Century. Individuals who want to connect to the internet in another room have many options and reasons.

We will be listing all possible reasons that a person might want an internet connection to another place in this article. The most popular is the wireless internet or WIFI. Many people want their wired connection switched to wireless to have the freedom to use it anywhere in the house, without being restricted to one area or desk.

How to get internet in another room

A WIFI system is the best choice for those who want to convert their wired internet connection into wireless so that they can use the Internet in another room or throughout their house.

1. Setting up WIFI Network

Most of our devices today are compatible with WIFI. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine an electronic device that doesn’t support WIFI. Smart home appliances are compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity in the 21 century. You can also use them via an active internet connection.

A WIFI network is the best option if you don’t want your internet access restricted to one room or one corner of your house. This is the most popular option and almost all internet service providers offer a wireless network option. We will make the process simple and clear in a series of steps.

  • If your ISP allows you to set up WIFI networks, confirm with them.
  • Find the best WIFI router for you.
  • You can configure the WIFI Router to meet your specific needs.

These steps will allow you to convert your wired internet connection into wireless, and use it anywhere else. Let us help you understand what a router is and what settings you’ll need. The router functions as both a modem or transponder. The WIFI router will transmit the signals you need to use your home network. There are many options available on the market for routers of different sizes and ranges. Like everything else, however, setting up a WIFI connection comes with its pros and cons.


  • No hassle with wires.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • It is easy to set up and install.


  • Signal strength is not uniform.
  • Irregular Internet speed.
  • Stable connectivity is not possible.


While WIFI may sound luxurious and convenient, there are still some drawbacks that must be acknowledged. You might experience irregular signal strength when you use WIFI in your office or home. This can directly impact the speed of your internet connection. For those who enjoy gaming or work, there’s a good chance they will need more latency and no lags. They prefer a wired connection to all rooms.

It is possible, and it is very simple and straightforward to do. If you need to connect the wired internet to another room, there are many options. It is best to use the most efficient and effective way to connect wired internet to another area.

2. DSL Cables

A DSL cable is the best way to get internet to another place. DSL cable gives you the power you need to play online games or do professional work. DSL is the cable that is responsible for providing internet access to your Modem via the telephone line.

DSL cable is the best option if you don’t mind sacrificing speed. You can also use multiple devices in one room without worrying about internet speed. To use a DSL internet cable in another room, you’ll need to install a separate modem.

DSL cables are not supported by devices such as laptops, computers, and gaming consoles. You will need to plug your DSL Cable into the modem, then connect your devices through an Ethernet cable. Although this will cost more than using just one modem, it will allow you to have more speed.


  • Increased internet speed
  • No network lags.


  • It may cost more to use multiple modems.
  • To share DSL cable, high-end modems and switches will be required.
  • It is a bit difficult to install and maintain.

3. Use an ETHERNET cable

An Ethernet Cable is the most popular method to connect to the internet from another room. This method is very popular, and with good reason. You don’t need to spend a lot on DSL cables or expensive modems. You can’t afford to have slow internet access via WIFI. The Ethernet cable is the best choice. Installation is easy. Ethernet cables are the cables that most devices can support. These cables are also called LAN cables. You only need a modem with Ethernet Output slots. These modems are easy to find as they are usually included in most modems.

You can now plug the Ethernet cable from one end into your modem, and the other end into the device you wish to use. To share your wired internet connection with another room, you can also increase the length of your Ethernet cable.


  • Installation is straightforward
  • Excellent internet speed with no lags
  • All major devices supported


  • Not as efficient as a DSL cable.
  • Your Modem output switches may limit the number of devices you can wire.


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