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How to Increase Internet Speed on PS4? Get Faster Internet in a Few Minutes

by stacy

The Play Station 4 aims to offer an immersive gaming experience for online gamers, with a growing number of users. Sometimes slow internet speeds are a problem. This can cause opponents to kill gamers in the online gaming world or make it impossible for users to download game updates.

Because the files can be large, the wait time for downloading the games can sometimes increase to up to one day. In multiplayer games, slow internet can hinder your ability to work with others and be reliable. PS4 owners need not worry as we provide the best and most effective ways to improve your internet speed.

Quick Internet Speed Solutions

This section will discuss the easy steps you can take for a better connection.

To free up bandwidth, you should first stop using any other online services.

Second, make sure your service provider offers a reliable and fast connection. Sometimes the problem is closer to your provider than your router.

If the download is slow and you are having trouble downloading files, stop and then re-download the file. This simple trick can sometimes increase the speed of your connection.

A connection of 5Mbps is sufficient for streaming your games, but it should not exceed 5Mbps. Stable connections are better than unstable ones.

We will be looking at additional ways to improve your connection.

  • Make use of a Wired Connection

Wired connections are always more reliable than wireless connections. If you’re using Wi-Fi on your PS4, consider switching to an Ethernet connection. Move your router near your PS4 or purchase a longer cable capable of reaching your router.

You can also connect your PS4 using powerline adapters. You can connect your router and your PS4 with these cables using electrical wiring.

This hack is very useful, especially for older PS4 models before slim versions.

You can use an ethernet connection by disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection. The router and PS4 will then be connected via the LAN ports located at the back of each device.

Next, navigate to Main MenuClick here to go to SettingTo select the Network options.

Select from the network options Establish an Internet Connection Use the Cable for LAN.

Choose the It’s easyyour PS will automatically use the Cable connection.

How to connect PS4 and Router with an Ethernet Cable

  • Upgrading your Internet Service

Your current internet connection might suit less demanding use scenarios. To get faster speeds, you should contact your provider. You will need to dig deeper into the pockets of your service provider for this.

If you’re already paying the fastest rates, and all attempts to increase them are futile; it may be time to switch to a different ISP.

  • Modify your DNS settings

DNS services link you to the server that hosts your online game or to the server where you can download a specific game. You can adjust the DNS settings depending on the game you are playing to get a faster connection. This works for some people so it’s worth a try. There are other solutions if this solution does not work for you.

Click on SettingSGet to The networkSet up the system. Internet connectionTo change DNS settings.

Next, click the connect type that you want to choose You can customize the setup

Next, click on Automated IP settingsYou can choose to not specify the DHCP hostname Change DNS settings Manual.

Then, you can use the Google DNS address to access secondary and primary DNS. The primary DNS is, while secondary DNS is

For other equivalent DNS servers, you can use the Cloudflare’s The open DNS

You can choose not to use proxy servers and instead use the automatic Maximum Transmission units.

How to change your DNS settings on a 4K TV

  • Upgrade Your Firmware

Check for the latest software releases to avoid any issues with electronic devices. You can frustrate yourself by using outdated firmware on your router or PS4 and receive poor service delivery.

To update your PS4, go to Settings Choose from your home menu Software update Software updates will automatically start if there are any.

To update the router firmware, make sure it shares an Ethernet connection with a computer, then visit the manufacturer’s website to download an update.

For installation, log into the router’s administration page using its IP address, and under advanced options, select Firmware Update. Reboot your router and connect to PS4.

  • Relax Mode 

The PS4’s rest mode is very useful, especially for downloading games and software updates. Rest mode increases the speed of downloads by ensuring maximum bandwidth.

Choose SettingsUnder the main menu, click on the Power saving settingsTo go into rest mode.

Next, select the This feature is availableYou can have what you want Available in Rest ModeChoose to Stay connected While in rest mode, you can still access the internet.

To enter rest mode, long press the home button on your controller. You will enjoy an uninterrupted download.

How to allow games to update in rest mode on PS4

  • Upgrade the Router

Gaming speeds are not the best option for all routers. You might be able to find routers that are made for gamers. These routers include Quality-of-Service features to ensure a smooth connection.

You could also choose to upgrade your router to allow for higher bandwidth frequencies.

Each frequency plays a different role in improving your connection. The 5GHz frequency is stronger and can be used over shorter distances than 2.4GHz, which works over longer distances but is slower.

Both are vital because routers can switch between them to provide a constant connection.

  • Troubleshooter

If you are still experiencing slow speeds, you can run your PS4’s troubleshooter as the cause could be something with the software that the troubleshooter can sort.

Before running the troubleshooter you need to boot the console into safe mode. You can also troubleshoot your router to make sure the router isn’t the problem.

Last Thoughts

Remember, your PS4 speed is only as good as your internet speed subscription. Long-term solutions include upgrading your Wi-Fi equipment to avoid having to refer to this article each time you experience a drop in connection speeds. For those still experiencing slow speeds, a technician can help you.

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