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How to Make CenturyLink Internet Faster?

by stacy

A slow internet connection might lead to major issues. If you have a CenturyLink plan, however, you will be relieved to learn that you do not have to put up with slow internet! CenturyLink internet will be quicker with these simple tips!


The First Thing That You Should Do

Before you start to look around, make sure your router is restarted. This won’t work for everyone. It’s worth trying, as it won’t cause any problems with the settings. That’s what we want to avoid.

To turn CenturyLink router on, unplug its electrical socket. You should wait for the router to turn on before plugging it in again. It is best to wait until the internet works before connecting it to another outlet. After the router has been turned on for a few minutes, you can test it. If your internet speed is faster, you can fix the problem.

This temporary solution is for slow CenturyLink Internet.

There are other options if your CenturyLink internet connection continues to be slow. This tip is particularly useful for people who require a fast connection and don’t want to go through additional steps. Ethernet is what we’re referring to.

Although Ethernet connections are considered obsolete, they still offer reliable and fast internet access. This is because your device is connected directly to the internet source using the Ethernet cable. The signal you are receiving is therefore the strongest. Grab an Ethernet cable and connect it to your router.

This is not the best solution for everyone who wants to connect their tablets and smartphones to the internet. It won’t work in homes with multiple households. This temporary solution is only until we resolve the slow internet problem.

More Permanent Solutions

Let’s test a few things and see if our internet connection speeds up. These are some simple tips that you can use to speed up your internet connection. To get the best internet connection, you should only try two of these tips.

1. Keep your devices up-to-date

Older versions of operating systems can cause problems with your devices. This could lead to faster loading times which could cause you to blame the internet and not the devices you are connecting. You should ensure that all devices are up-to-date with the most recent software. You will also need to update your browser.

CenturyLink Software update

CenturyLink routers should also be up-to-date. An outdated version will cause slower load times and poor connections. You may find bugs in older versions that have been fixed by newer versions. Next, you should check for updates on your router.

You will need to connect your computer with CenturyLink internet. This step is best done with an Ethernet cable. Next, open your browser. Type The modem settings page will open. You will now be able to enter your admin username and password, which you received along with the modem purchase. Don’t panic if you forget your information! These information are in the original box your modem arrived.

Next, select “Utilities” and click “Upgrade Firmware.” This will take you to the “Upgrade Status” section to see if there have been any updates. Your model’s firmware is current if it displays the messages “Firmware updated” or N/A.

You can upgrade older versions of your firmware. Click on the button to upgrade and download the most recent version of the software. Once the download is complete, click the file to begin the upgrade. Your modem should restart most of the time after the upgrade is completed. It is best to wait for the upgrade process to complete before testing your internet speed.

2. Reset your factory

Factory reset is not the best choice. Factory resets do not offer the best solution as they reverse all settings to their original settings. You’ll need to do everything exactly as you did when your router was first purchased. If you have slow internet, this might be your only option.

You can do a factory reset on your router in the same way you would when upgrading it. Log in to with your administrator credentials. Next, log in with your administrator information to Next, you will need to set up your router again. After that, connect your device to Wi Fi.

3. Switching to a better Internet plan

CenturyLink offers several internet plans. These plans offer speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 940Mbps. If your internet connection is slow, you might need a better plan. This will be more expensive, but it will provide a better connection for your needs.

There will not be the same number of options in every area. Logging in to your account will allow you to access the “My products” section of the official CenturyLink app or website. CenturyLink will tell you what options are available to upgrade, depending on where you live.

You’ll see a link to “Check for faster speeds”, if there is an upgrade. Online ordering is also possible. You can also call customer service or chat to place an order if this option is not available.

Final thoughts about making CenturyLink Internet more fast

You don’t have a CenturyLink slow internet connection. These four tips can help you speed up your internet connection so that you can do more things quicker.

We hope that our advice was helpful. If it didn’t, we have many more articles you can find on our website.

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