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How to scan a document and email it

by stacy

How to attach a scanned document to an email

Items that you need

  • Location of the document scanned
  • Gmail Addresses

Because all-in-one printers and personal scanners are affordable, even moderate computer users are often able to scan documents. Email is a fast way to communicate information to friends and partners, such as scanned documents. This article explains how a scanned document should be attached to an email.

Select a suitable folder to save when scanning the original document. This option is provided by all scanning software. The scanned document is stored in the “demand (used)” directory of the section “My Documents” in the example.

  1. Start your application for email.
  2. Click the “Compose Mail” link once.
  3. Click on the link “Attach a file” once.
  4. Click the scanned document to be attached to the e-mail and then click the “Open” button once.
  5. Note that next to the paper clip icon is the scanned document. Repeat steps 4 to 5 for each connection.

How to Scan to email from Windows 10 with Gmail or any email account?

This is a method for scanning the Windows 10 email that works with any scanner or email account, including Gmail.

I generally train people to use the web interface gmail.com, as it provides the best protection for e-mail and enhances productivity like Smart Compose.

But some prefer an simpler way to add scanned documents to an account. The location of the scanned document (file system navigation) is often the area of impression.

The following setup and how to use Gmail for sending attachments can not be trained for those scenarios.


These configuration steps must be completed once before this method works.

Get Microsoft Shop-Windows Search

Get the free Microsoft Store Windows Scan software.

  1. Set Window Scan to pdf file type
  2. Open Windows Scan and change File type from png to pdf in the left column.
  3. In Windows 10, link your email address to Mail
  4. This procedure requires Windows 10 Mail to be used. I’m not a Windows 10 Mail fan, except that in this case it is helpful. Continue to use the gmail.com web interface for everyday use.
  5. Follow this link: Add Windows 10 Mail email account
  6. Built the default Microsoft Edge file handler
  7. Microsoft Edge is your default PDF reader in the Windows 10 box. You can quickly set Edge as your preferred PDF reader if you are using software to handle that type of document.
  8. Go to Settings > Apps > Default apps, click on a File type link to choose default apps. Then scroll down and click on a.pdf default download, and pick Microsoft Edge from the list.

Set mail as the default Windows 10 email client

  • This is required so that we can send the scanned pdf directly from Edge as an email attachment.
  • Bottom-left click on the Start Menu Windows 10 Start Icon button.
  • Click on the menu item Settings Windows 10.
  • Then press the Windows 10 Device Settings button.
  • Click Default applications.
  • Click on the new default email client under the email heading.
  • Click Mail to render the default program in the Device menu.

How to: search for Windows 10 emails

  • Now that Setup has been completed, we search the machine email using this tool.
  • Open Windows Scan, also called Scan.
  • To start the scan, click Scan.
  • To access, press Screen. We expect the pdf in Edge to open.
  • Click Share. Click Share.
  • Click Email. Click Email.
  • If you have more than one email account, choose the account you want to send.
  • Type in the To field of the recipient.
  • You may want to change the subject and write a message so you know about this attachment.
  • Click send. Press send.

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