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How To Scan A Document From Printer To Email?

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The benefit of multifunction printers is that, as the name implies, you have various capabilities at your disposal. One of these highly essential capabilities is scanning to email. You can scan documents and save them directly to a folder on your server or send them to an email address using your multifunction printer.

Setting up this functionality necessitates some IT and printer configuration expertise. It’s a good idea to talk to your print provider about setup and, if possible, have them train your key operator on the correct setting. The following are some of the questions you should expect to be asked. Answering these questions may necessitate the aid of your system administrator.



After you’ve set up your printer’s scanning to email feature, you’ll need to add contacts to your address book and acquaint yourself with the various scanning settings.

You can scan any document and email it to yourself or any other colleague or contact using this feature. When creating your address book, make sure to include yourself as well as the majority, if not all, of your company’s employees. Because you may select people from your address book instead of having to write in an email address every time you send a scanned document, the scan to email procedure will be simplified. You can also add any contacts outside your organization to whom you will commonly send documents via your printer’s scan to email function.

A multifunction printer has a lot of scanning options. You can do the following using some of the most widely used functions:

  • Scan 1-sided or 2-sided documents quickly and easily without needing to scan each page separately.
  • Change the color mode to Colors on their own (based on the original)
  • Grayscale Black Full Color Grayscale Full Color Grayscale Full Color Grayscale Full Color Grayscale
  • Choose a file type:
    PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and other formats are available.
  • Fine-tune the scan’s quality: 200×200 dpi, 300×300 dpi, 400×400 dpi, and 600×600 dpi are the most common resolutions.

Note that while the greater the dpi, the greater the quality, the larger the file size.

  1. Change the file size to improve email efficiency.
  2. Because many email inboxes limit the size of files that can be received, this is critical.
  3. Change the file name to something more descriptive of your document.
  4. The default name is usually a mixture of the name of your device, the function you’re using, the date, the file extension, and other factors.
  5. Personalize the subject line, message, and sender email address in your email.
  6. The default email address, subject, and message are all generic and device dependent.


Because your printer was programmed to work within those parameters, if you modify the answers to any of the initial setup questions, the scanning to email function will stop working. To account for any server changes, you’ll need to adjust your printer. Additional changes within your business, such as an upgrade or migration of email settings, network connectivity, and email security settings, may have an impact on how this feature works. If you have a service contract with your printer, they will most likely assist you in getting all of the pieces set up correctly so that this function works well.


Many businesses use the scanning to email feature frequently and in a number of ways. Here are a few of the most prevalent and important applications:

  1. For the purpose of scanning printed records and creating digital files for safety and protection.
  2. Scanning papers or photographs that you only have physical copies of in order to share with a colleague or store digitally
  3. For sending completed papers to be processed and stored digitally.
  4. For the aim of creating digital receipts for storage and management.

Scanning to email is an electronic alternative to faxing that can be used to save paper or if your recipient does not have access to a fax machine, which is becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings.

In addition to the scanning to email feature, multifunction devices provide a slew of other features that increase productivity through comfort and ease of use.

Request a free print technology assessment to see what applications it could have in your office.

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