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How to scan a document to email

by stacy

Steps to scan a document to email

Think of going without paper? Well, you can easily do that if you have access to basic technologies.

Paperwork is a part of your daily tasks in business. You must enter into contracts, complete new recruitment HR documents and send e-mail documents to colleagues and customers.

The number of paper offices produced in America each year is amazing 10,000 pages. And around the world, it’s no better.

In companies, an average of 45 sheets of paper is used per day, and two thirds are wasted.

Wherever you are in the world and for whatever reasons, you can use a desktop, smartphone or tablet for paperless purposes.

A first great step is to start scanning and emailing documents vs. making copies and mailing them. You can even use a platform for scanning, uploading and signing important business documents.

But later on more. Let’s look at how you can scan documents and email them.

Scanning a Document Using a Mobile Device

  1. Both smartphones and tablets can scan documents. But it’s more than just a picture of a contract to make it an official scan.
  2. A special application like Tiny Scanner, Cam Scanner or Microsoft Office Lens is required. They take your snapshots and turn them into scanned PDF copies.
  3. Google Drive can also be used. If you use an Android app, this is the preferred choice. Most smartphones are already enabled on Google Drive today.
  4. This is how you can use it for scanning and sending a document.

Step 1: Open Google Drive

Click on your smartphone’s Google Drive feature. You will see all your documents once it opens.

In the bottom right corner, click the + symbol.

Step 2: Click the Scan Option

There is a tiny window at the bottom of your computer. Choose the camera symbol in the top row to start the scan option.

Step 3: Take your document snapshot

Place your camera over the document that you want to scan. Don’t worry if you have multiple pages.

You’ll make one page at a time.

Step 4: PDF scanning document

Google Drive is now going to convert your picture file to a PDF. At this stage, you can either take a snapshot from another page (+ sign) or retrieve the snapshot from the current page (return sign).

Click the check mark symbol when you are ready to move on.

Step 5: Give the paper to the beneficiaries

Now, the scanned document can be found on your Google Drive. Once you have clicked it, in the upper right corner, you can select three points.

This will open a menu in which you can add people. If you want others to access it via Google Drive, select this.

If not, you can pick “return a copy.”

From here, you can use Yahoo, Gmail or any other related email tool to send a message.

Insert and send the email address. You are all right! You are all right!

How to Scan and Email Documents On Desktops?

If you want to download and e-mail documents using your laptop, you must configure your hardware first. To perform this task, you will need a printer with a scanner or a standalone scanner.

The majority works the same – you put the page inside the scanner then hit the scan button (either on the device or using the software on your computer).

After the scan is completed, add additional files, or hit the navigation to pick the folder in which the documents are stored.

  1. You open your chosen email from here – Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.
  2. Choose “compose message” and insert the email of the subject and recipient.
  3. Click on the attachment button (typically looks like a paper clip) and find the location of the document.
  4. You can click send once it is uploaded.
  5. Optional way to upload and email documents

Alternative Way to Upload and Email Documents

  1. In business, you need efficient and secure processes and systems. This is not always offered by emails.
  2. That’s why some companies are now using cloud tools. You can upload documents on our platform and send them to recipients via e-mail.
  3. The documents are accessed and signed via the security platform.
  4. In order to upload a document, you must first scan the document using the above steps. Instead of emailing, you then sign and locate the document and upload it directly to the platform.
  5. To do this, float over the section Documents and click the + symbol
  6. Next, click on “Me and Others” to make the documents signatories to you and other recipients. Or you can select “Others only” if it is only signed by other people.
  7. Tap on “Choose files” and find the document you’ve downloaded on your mobile or desktop.
  8. You can add recipients and create a title and message once it is uploaded. You can also pick when the document will expire-it’s 3 months in this case.
  9. Additional features provide periodic reminders and allow all signatories to sign until a specified document is completed.
  10. After all is finished, press the “Send Quick” button in the top right corner to immediately send the document.

Why Scan and Email Documents?

The method of scanning and emailing documents is quicker, easier and more cost-effective. Companies use digital documents as a new standard to reduce their carbon footprint, save money and improve their business processes.

Mailing papers does not guarantee that they are received by recipients. And it is just slowing down procedures that would take hours to execute by email that wait weeks to get signed documents.

If you are interested, learn more about scanning documents with your mobile or desktop device. Or better still, start creating and converting documents to PDF. This way, you can completely eliminate the use of paper!

Have you ever made a digital document or signed it? In the comments, let us know if and how your workflow has improved!

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