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how to scan a letter then email it

by stacy

How to Email a Scanned Document

How to send a document you’ve scanned to another person via email.


Steps 1. Scan the file you want to send. The process will vary depending on your scanner and your computer or mobile device.

The most flexible and likely compatibility of scanning a document in PDF format is on most devices and computers.

Steps 2. Open your mobile or email account.  Open your email app on your computer or go to the website of your email provider in a web browser, where you usually check your mail.

Steps 3. Write a new email message. Make sure the attachment is referenced so that the receiver can look for it.

Check for a button with a pencil icon, usually at the top of the screen, or a + symbol to start a new post.

Steps 4. Type the email address of the recipient in the “To:” field.

Steps 5. Click on the “Attach Files” button. Sometimes the “attach files” button is a paper clip icon.

In some cases, you may be able to right-click the scanned document, click Copy, right-click the new e-mail message, and click Paste to add the document to the e-mail address.

Steps 6. Locate and click the document you have scanned in the dialog box.

Steps 7. Click the Open button. Depending on the email app you are using, the button may also be labeled OK or Attach.

Steps 8. Send the message.

When your message is received, the recipient will need to double-click or tap the attachment to view the scanned document that you sent to them.

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