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How to scan and email a document with hp printer

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Steps To HP Printer Scan and Email the Document

Use this guide to learn how the HP Scan to Email software can be enabled, used and handled.

HP printers can now directly use the HP control panel to access documents stored in the cloud

Work path applications such as email HP Scan.

NOTE: This document assumes you have already enabled the HP Scan to Email program. HP workpath implementations are

Available through a web browser from the HP Command Center. Refer to the Deployment Guide for instructions

The HP Command Center is used.


Learn about the HP Search to Email app apps.

The HP Scan to Email app can be used for direct scanning and transmitting documents from an HP printer as an attachment

Using the printer control panel to an email account

The HP Scan to Email application offers a direct link between the HP printer and the email account

Optimizes efficiency’s workflows and worker

NOTE: If the size of a scanned document is too big for email, use the HP Scan to FTP software to submit

Document your local network or the internet directly to the FTP server. See the FTP User Guide HP Scan.


Learn about the HP Search to Email app apps.

The HP Scan to Email app has the following characteristics:

  • Email account scan
  • Load the book address, pick the document to send and type the email address or the server address.
  • Document forms supported: JPEG, PDF, and PDF / A formats
  • Records searchable, including MTIFF, TIFF and XPS.
  • OCR documents searchable including CSV (OCR), HTML (OCR), PDF (OCR) PDF(A(OCR), RTF (OCR), Text (OCR) and other documents.

Unicode Text (OCR) formats for HP printers sponsored

  • Date / time file names are automatically stamped

Requirements for apps Installation

Know about the HP Scan to Email app specifications.

The following requirements must be met before you can use HP Scan to Email:

  • Route or Active email account
  • A HP printer compatible with an installed DIMM accessory (A4 printers only)
  • HP Command Center (HPCC) configuration and con functionality
  • Enabled and configured in HPCC HP Workpath App(s)
  • HP printer(s) with HPCC recorded
  • Setting up the printer and enabling HP Workpath Link in HPCC
  • The HP Scan to Email app is already on the printer installed

Use the HP Scan to Email app

Scan a paper on an email account

Learn how to search an email account document.

One of the key features of the HP Scan to Email app is the ability to scan your email documents directly account.

  1. Open the HP Scan to Email app on the printer control panel.
  2. Type the email address you want to send the scan to on the scan preview screen.
  3. Type the subject and, if desired, the name and message.
  4. Select Options to adjust the document settings (size, ionle type, 2-sided, etc.). Use the information below as a guide:

Type and resolution of file-use this option to modify the size of the file, its resolution and JPEG types Or PDF (for instance). The supported types and resolutions vary according to the application.

Use this option to change from 1-sided (duplex) to 2-sided (duplex)

  • Color / Black – Use this Color, Black / Gray or Black option, depending on the scanning original.
  • Original Size – Change the paper size for the scanning using this method. Letter is the default.
  • Content Orientation – Change the page’s orientation from portrait to landscape using this option.
  • Use this option to change the sharpness, darkness, contrast and background ● Image adjustment
  • Settings for cleaning.
    • Use this option to shift the image from text to mixed, written, or image ● Optimize Text / image
  • Options to crop – use the Content Option Crop to remove unnecessary white space or to keep the
  • Do not crop default.
  • Blank page deletion — Use the option to remove blank pages when scanning ●
  • Multiple pages or retain 2 as default.
  • Multi-feed detection – When scanning large documents, use the option Multi-feed detection and stop
  • If multiple page feeds are detected or the default 2 refers to the scanning process.
  1. Choose Submit.

When the scan is complete, your email address displays the text.

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