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How To Send Scan To Email?

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How To Send Scan To Email?

Scanning business documents including contracts and plans and emailing them to clients will help you save money on paper and long-distance faxing. The method of translating a document into electronic format is identical for many scanning devices, whether you have a standalone scanner or an All-in-One printer. Although you can scan a document directly from a scan-to-email printer or most All-in-One printers without using any additional software, advanced scanning software gives you more choices, such as the ability to choose a document format and resolution. You can connect the scan directly to a message in Windows Live Mail after you’ve created it.

Scanning the File

Use a soft cloth and streak-free glass cleaner to clean the scanning bed’s surface. During the scanning process, a scanner can pick up dirt and fingerprints, which can degrade the quality of the final image.

Place the document face-down on the scanning bed after opening the lid. Use the markers to align the paper around the glass’s circumference, then carefully close the cover.

Use the scanning programme that came with your scanner to start scanning. If you have an HP scanner or All-in-One printer, for example, the programme will be in the HP folder.

Choose “Document” as the scan type, then colour or black-and-white scanning.

Choose an output format for the scanned text, typically a TIFF or GIF image or a PDF.

If asked, choose a resolution that produces a high-quality image, such as 300dpi. Since a higher dpi would result in a larger file, the image will be clearer. Keep in mind, however, that higher-resolution files take longer to upload and deliver.

Select “Scan” from the drop-down menu. When the scanning is done, press “Save.” Choose a destination folder, such as My Documents, and give the document a name. Select “Save” from the drop-down menu.

You Can Scan Directly to Email

Even though we live in a digital world, you will still receive actual pieces of paper that you will need to submit to others electronically.

Getting this done often seems to trigger a slight amount of annoyance. For some reason, a few extra steps make the process seem intimidating (even when it isn’t). While it may not seem like a big deal, it is still a time suck – you must scan the paper to save it to the specified location on the server, then return to your desk, open your inbox, create a new email, check for the document, insert it, and then submit the email. And, most of the time, after you’ve submitted the email, the file isn’t needed again, so it sits on your server, unused, cluttering up your server and taking up room.

If you only need to scan and email the document to one person (or group of people) once, scanning to email directly from the copier will save you a few steps.

How to scan to email works:

Step 1: Select the “Scan and Send” icon on the display

Step 2: Choose “New Destination”

Step 3: Select “Email Recipient”

Step 4: Enter recipient’s email address

Step 5: Place the document being sent in the scanner

Step 6: Press “Start”



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