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How to Set Up Wi-Fi Extender With Xfinity?

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Today’s world demands seamless Wi-Fi access in every room. However, no matter how fast the internet service package, there is no wireless.

Signal loss can occur in certain areas of a home if it is larger than average. There are several things you can do to increase wireless coverage in your home. You can either install a mesh network or Wi-Fi extenders.

How can you improve the Wi-Fi signal?

You can increase your Wi-Fi signal by using existing extenders or creating a mesh network. You might need to upgrade your antenna, move your router around, remove unnecessary devices from your network, or just get a new router.

Get a better antenna

Depending on the brand and model of your router, it might have an antenna that doesn’t do your home Wi-Fi any good. A new antenna that’s larger can boost the wireless signal to reach most parts of your home.

You need to consider the dBi (decibel relative the isotope) when you are looking for an antenna that will work better with your router. This also applies to the range. The coverage is greater the higher the dBi. A 5dBi antenna covers 500ft while a 9dBi is 1200ft.

Rethink your Router Position

It’s really important where you put your router. Let’s make a quick comparison. If you put a water sprinkler in the middle of the backyard, it’s going to water most of the grass, but when you put it in a corner, it’s going to cover only some part.


A router should be placed in a similar way to a water sprinkler. These are some key considerations:

  • No corners – This is not practical as you are wasting your wireless coverage outside. It’s best to place it in a different room than the corner of your house. You won’t have a connection if you place it in one corner.
  • No kitchen – The wireless signal from the router is dissipated when metal objects are present. Other kitchen appliances, such as microwaves, can also emit similar frequencies that could cause disruptions.
  • High and central – Avoiding corners is one thing. However, it is important to consider placing your router in an easier location. If you have a 2-story home, it is important to position it on a higher shelf.
  • Less walls: Houses are built of walls. This makes it a bit tricky. If you want strong signal in your bedroom, place the router where it is visible from the bedroom. If this is not possible, you can find a place where the router is less visible from the bedroom.
  • Antenna direction A router usually includes an antenna. They can be pointed in any direction. Point them in an opposite direction and they will transmit the Wi-Fi signal to the other directions.

Password and SSID can be changed

If there are many devices connected to the network, a signal may be weaker. A weak signal could result from an open wireless network. For better security, you should assign a password. If you just want to delete all other devices on the network, change the name and password.

Get a better router

It is not possible to simply buy a new router. Your router might be an older one, and it simply doesn’t work as well as it used to. So, if you think it’s due for an upgrade, then you’re probably right.

How do I set up Xfinity Wi Fi Extender?

Xfinity Wi Fi extenders are known as xFi pods. It is very simple to set up. You only need to have access to the Xfinity app. Then, you need to follow these steps”

xFi Pod

  • Tap the app icon on your phone. Continue reading At the bottom.
  • Tap Xfinity DeviceFor the Add a Device option.
  • Once you’re there, tap xFi Pods.
  • Tap on the setup screen to display. getting Started.
  • Plug the xFi pod into.
  • The app will detect and initiate the setup.
  • Next, you’ll need to assign a name to the xFi pod.
  • Next, click on Finalize Setup.

You now have greater coverage in your home. A smaller home will need one xFi pod. Two or more xFiPods should be installed in a home with more floors.

How to Setup Any Wi-Fi Extension With Xfinity

It’s possible to connect other Wi-Fi extenders to your router. You only need to ensure that the extender you wish to connect is compatible. Most extenders should work with your router.

You have two options: either you can set the extender up using your computer or laptop, or you could use your tablet or phone to do it. You will need a computer or laptop to do this.

You can usually install an app for your router or extender brand when you set it up using a smartphone or tablet. This app will guide you through the setup process. Once you are done, the extender should work flawlessly.


Now you know how to set up Wi-Fi extenders with Xfinity. It is easy to set-up xFi pods with the Xfinity App. You can also set up other extenders with your device. You’ll enjoy seamless wireless coverage throughout your home if they are compatible.

It is crucial to position the router correctly in order to get the best wireless performance. If these do not work as you expect, you can always upgrade to a new router or set up a mesh wireless network.

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