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How to Solve LOS Light Blinking Red on Huawei Router?

by stacy

Problems with your Internet connection are one of the most frustrating things today. You browse the internet, or try to send an email, or you are in the middle of an online class, and all of the sudden you can’t do anything more. The computer reports that there isn’t an internet connection. Take a look at your router, and you can see the LOS Light blinking green.

This article is for Huawei router users. We will explain the cause of the LOS red light blinking and offer several solutions to get your internet up and running.

On the other hand, if you don’t use a Huawei router, but the LOS light is red on your router, keep reading. Perhaps one of these solutions can help you fix your connection.

LOS Light On Huawei Router

What does LOS Light Blinking red mean?

First and foremost, LOSIt stands for Loss Of Signal. If everything works properly, this light should be Take off.

Usually, the LOS Light Blinking Red indicator on your router indicates that there is a problem in the fiber optic connection.

What could be causing the LOS light to blink red?

There are many reasons your Huawei router’s LOS light is blinking red.

One of the most common is loose cables or connectors, damaged cable pins or cable pins, and optic cable bent abnormally. Or, perhaps your ISP is having problems with their network or just doing scheduled maintenance.

Once you have identified the cause of the red blinking LOS on your router’s router, you can quickly look for a solution. Here are some tried solutions that most users have found to fix their problem.

How to Fix LOS Light Blinking red on Huawei Router

Have you paid the bill?

There are a lot of things that people forget these days because they’re so busy. This is true of internet service bills. If you don’t pay your bill on time, your ISP will cut the signal after a while. This will cause a loss of signal, which is what we want to avoid.

You know what to do if you forgot to pay your bill. The following solutions can be used if the LOS light has been lit up red because you have already paid the bill.

The Fibre Cable Connection is available.

You will need to verify that the fiber cable is connected properly. Check the end that goes in the router, as well as the one that goes into a wall socket.

Verify if the Fibre Cable is damaged

The fiber cable can easily be damaged. It can be damaged if it is bent too much or twisted accidentally. You can check for abnormal bending and visible damage while you verify that the signal is connected properly.

Reboot the Router

When you confirm that there is no damage on the fibre cable and that it hasn’t been bent abnormally, it is time to reboot the router. This simple procedure will resolve most issues with electronic devices, even our networking equipment.

Connect the router to the power source. It can be left disconnected for between 10-20 seconds. It can be left disconnected for longer if desired. Then. It should be connected to the power source. After some time, turn on the LOS indicator. The LOS light should now be turned off. However, if it’s still blinking red, try the following solution.

Reach out to your ISP

We’ve already said that your ISP might be to blame. It is possible to check this many ways.

Your ISP’s official app or website is one way to find out about problems and outages. The other way is to look for problems and outages on third-party websites that report them in real time. You just need to type in your ISP’s name and see if other people have had problems with their service. Finally, you can call your ISP’s support team for help.

It is a good idea to contact your ISP support. They can inform you if they are experiencing a service outage or power cut, or if they are updating or maintaining their network. They will inform you when they resolve the issue.

You can also ask them to check your connection and help you fix the problem if they claim there is no outage. You can also ask them to send a technician out to help you resolve the issue and replace your router with a newer one.

Final words

The LOS light on your Huawei router will occasionally blink red. Although it can be annoying, you will soon learn what to do and what to look for.

Perhaps a simple reboot or cable check will be enough to diagnose the problem. Tech support can help you with the troubleshooting steps. You might just need to wait until you get notified that the outage is over. It can be very stressful, especially if it is happening in a hurry. However, the good news is that it can be resolved. You can then continue your online activities as usual.

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