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How to Turn Off Fios Wi-Fi at Night? (Ways to Do It)

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Verizon FiOSAccording to internet, it is. speedtest.net among the best in the US when it comes to both – internet speed and connection reliability. Fiber optic connections are faster and carry less information than traditional cabling connections. Fios is difficult to use for some because it uses unfamiliar equipment. Here are some of the methods we use. Disable the wireless connectionVerizon FiOS.

There are several ways to disable Fios Wi Fi at Night

There are three ways to disable Verizon Wi-Fi. They are:

Using the Router’s Management Page

Use the address to log into your router management page from a Web browser. is also the default IP address for most Fios routers) or mynetworksettings.com.

To access Verizon’s 5GRouter management page. http://my.router/.

When you log in, your browser might alert you that the connection isn’t private. Click on the AdvancedClick the button to proceed to the user interface website.

Use the username and password on the side of the FiOS router to access the router’s settings. Next, go to Wi-Fi option.

Click the Primary Network Access your network settings via this option. You will see both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose to disable either one or both network bands.

Check both boxes, then click ApplyTo finalize the settings.

Primary Network

You can switch off all Wi-Fi bands simultaneously on some routers by clicking the button. Wi-Fi availablemove the selector to off. You will find the option in the upper right corner on the user interface page.

The Broadcasting You can also switch to Wi-Fi from the tab under the primary network tab, but not in its usual sense. You can uncheck the broadcast option so that devices cannot find your network name while searching for Wi-Fi.

The option will not turn off Wi-Fi but will conceal your network name to prevent any unauthorized connections.

You can also kick certain devices out of the network. Click the Access list for devicesdepending on the model of your router, Access Control or option. There are two options available to deny or allow devices to connect to FiOS routers.

device access list

You can add MAC addresses to specific devices using the device access list. BlockAllow them to use the internet.

MAC address

These settings can be tricky so be careful and seek out assistance from a trained technician if you have any questions. Click here to view the FiOS router user manual.

You can activate or disable various Wi-Fi configurations under the basic settings tab by moving the slider in either direction. You can activate or deactivate various Wi-Fi configurations by moving the slider to either direction. IoTThe Guest Network.

To make the settings more effective, click on Apply Changes after you have updated the settings.


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Another method to control Wi-Fi radios is to use the Parental control settings. The procedure is time-consuming and may not be beneficial if you are only trying to turn off Wi Fi.

Verizon apps can be used to control Wi Fi connectivity. Also, note that Changing either your network’s SSID or password will require devices to reconnect using the new details.

Verizon App or My Verizon Account

Verizon apps are essential for dealing with issues such as the Fios Quantum Gateway Oder the Fios Advanced Wi-Fi Router.

Switch Wi-Fi off by using the My FiOS AppDo the following:

  • Go to the Internet Option
  • Select The My Networks Option from the menu
  • Your Wi-Fi networks that are enabled (2.4 and 5.GHz) will be shown and you’ll need to disable them.


  • Click here Save Your Changes Save the settings changes.

To use My Verizon Account:

  • Register to My Verizon By using your account
  • Go to the Services Option
  • Click the Internet Option from the menu
  • Choose My Network Option to connect to your Wi Fi network
  • Select Manage Network Option
  • Choose Allow Wi-Fi access Turn it off. Your network connection has been turned off.
  • Click here Save Your Changes Make sure your network connection works properly

These settings cannot be undone. Follow the same steps to reactivate Wi Fi.

These steps are almost identical for both FiOS Quantum Gateway, Verizon routerThe FiOS router and the. While there may be slight differences in the settings process, however, they are all similar. This article serves as a guideline for all Verizon devices.

There are many ways to turn off Wi-Fi

Verizon is an electronic device like any other. There are many ways to disable Wi Fi.

You can cut power supply to either router or gateway and you will have no wireless network.

However, these methods can cause electrical equipment to be less durable. Problems connecting can also result from software issues.

An outlet timer can be used to turn off power to Wi-Fi sources. Automatically.

outlet timer

What should I do if my Wi-Fi is not working at night?

Gateway modems and routers can be connected to power sources for extended periods of time without sustaining significant damage. The circuitry can withstand regular power surges; therefore, take a breath if you worry about the router’s health.

This is the most compelling reason to Nighttime Wi-Fi can be disabledIt is possible to increase the quality of your internet connection using the same Wi-Fi sources. Increase internet speeds to improve your connection speed Switching to a wired network.

Other significant reasons can range from the need for a good night’s sleep to conserving the electricity the router utilizes. It is important to shut down your devices if you plan on being away for a prolonged period of time.


The best way to turn off FiOS WiFi is via remote access using the App, administration page or My Verizon page. Those facing challenges when trying to switch off Verizon’s Wi-Fi can now have a sigh of relief.

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