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How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on AT&T Router? (Three Ways to Disable Wi-Fi)

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AT&TIt has a rich past over the many years that it has been in operation. It has a large customer base and appeals for users with different wireless network requirements.

AT&T has gone above and above in providing customers with the information they require about their services and products. Aside from having simple access to AT&T device user instructions, the company also features discussion forums where consumers can connect with one another and solve difficulties.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any consolidated data available. turning off wireless capabilities Their distinguishing features Access to gateways is not accessible through routers. This post will show you how to achieve it in a variety of ways. On any AT&T router, turn off Wi-Fi.

An Ethernet connection is required when Wi-Fi is enabled.

So, How Do You Turn Off Wi-Fi on an AT&T Router?

Most ‘How to’ pages do not answer your question because AT&T routers come in various models. You can follow this procedure: disable Wi-Fi connectivity. This is true, although it varies depending on which router you use. However, most people don’t realize this.

It is easiest to disable Wi Fi by turning off the power supply to your router or modem. However, you should not cut the power supply to the router or modem as it can cause performance problems when the gateway is powered on again.

Also, AT&T routersYou can flip a switch to disable Wi-Fi or internet access (to shut off the router).

Some users prefer to disable Wi Fi and allow access via other means, such as cellular or satellite. Ethernet cables.

Users can disable Wi Fi radios from the router to disable Wi Fi access. Parents can control their children.

Users can also choose to control which devices can access WiFi and which cannot.

Disable Wi Fi Radios

This section looks at how you can disable Wi-Fi radios for the different AT&T gateway models. Each device must be examined individually because different models have slightly different procedures.

To You can access the user management webpage regardless of your router’s model, first visit the IP address Select your preferred browser

Make sure the device that you use to access the management page has the same Wi Fi network you want to disable.

Next, choose the model of your modem and follow the steps.

  • BGW 320-505

After Visit the management page Use the IP addressFor your login password, please refer to the sticker located on the gateway. The sticker is usually located on the back or bottom of the BGW 3332.

To access the user management interface, click continue. To toggle between the two, click on the GUI. SSID homeSettings Take offStop the gateway transmitting your Wi-Fi name.

Click here to disable Wi-Fi. Advanced optionsBelow the Wi-Fi tab.

Next navigieren 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Configuration>Wi-Fi Operation>Off.

Wi-Fi Operation

Scroll down and you will find it. 5 GHz Wi-Fi Configuration>Wi-Fi Operation>Off.

You can also modify the settings. SSID HomeSet up Take offFor each Wi-Fi band

After you have finished changing the settings, scroll down to the bottom and click Save>Continue, Now you are done.

You can click the Status tabTo confirm whether wireless capabilities are disabled.

VIDEO TUTORIAL – How to Disable Wi-Fi on AT&T BGW 320

  • Arris BGW210 NVG599

Visit the user’s admin page, then navigate Home Network > Wireless. 

If there’s is a prompt requiring the Access code for the deviceYou can find it on a sticker at the gateway.

Next, click the Wireless pageYou will be able to see Wi-Fi settings for each radio (i.e. 2.4GHz 5GHz. Select Take offSelect the drop-down box next to the Wi-Fi operation page.

Click to save the settings. Save.

This procedure works also for Motorola NVG589 It does not have dual band.

Go to the Wireless tab Then, use the NVG589 Wi-Fi operation It can be toggled off.

VIDEO TUTORIAL – How to Disable Wi-Fi on BGW210

  • Pace 5031NV, 4111N

Log in to the Management Page and go to Settings>LAN>Wireless.

Simply click here DisabledNext to Wireless Access Point/Wireless Networks And Save To complete.

For all other purposes, the same process applies. 2wire i38HG + i3812V And 2Wire 3800HGV-B models.

  • 2Wire 2701HGV-B

Go to the Management Page once you have opened it. Home Network>View Network Summary.

Next, visit Status of Home Network Local Interfaces Click here Disable Next to Wireless.

  • Netgear 7550 B90

Click on WirelessOnce you’re on the management page.

Then go to Setup wirelessBelow, Wireless NetworksClick here Disable And Save Your changes.

  • ArrisNVG595

Navigate to after accessing the page’s user interface. Wi-Fi under Local Network.

Change the following Wi-Fi operationTo DiscountAnd SaveYour settings.

  • AT&T Wireless Internet Device (IFWA40)

These routers use AT&T’s cellular network to provide internet access in select rural areas.

However, AT&T no longer actively supports these devices; therefore, existing users should consider better alternatives. You can also go to the service availability, Find out what’s happening in your local area.

For these devices to be Wi-Fi disabled, please visit the Management WebsitePlease enter your password.

The default password is attadmin, It is printed on a sticker located at the bottom of your router.

Next, go to Wi-Fi, The interface will show the Wi-Fi bands. Click DisableEach to turn off Wi-Fi.

Click disable

Using the AT&T Smart Home Manager Tool

The smart home manager is an AT&T utility that gives users a more comprehensive control range for their wireless networks.

The tool can be accessed online OnlineOr through PlaystoreOder the Appstore. It is important to note that smart home manager features may only be available for compatible gateways.

You can use the app to manage Wi-Fi access.

Parental Controls

Sign in to the app, launch it, and then wait for diagnostics to be run for your network.

Once you are done, visit the Tab NetworkSelect the option at the bottom of your screen. Connected Devices

Next, we will discuss the My Devices Page, choose the + icon Click on the Profiles option.

Name the profile, and toggle the Downtime schedule Click the option to the right in order to activate the feature.

Select the devices you wish wireless access to be controlled and then tap Save.

You can also deny access to Wi-Fi to individual devices by clicking on their name in the My Devices tab. Next, tap Three dotsIn the upper right corner.

Next, you have the option to temporarily or permanently block WiFi access.

If your device name is not listed, The My DevicesList, it should not be over Other Or Unknown.

You can disable Wi-Fi access from all devices via the network remotely by changing the Wi-Fi password.

The system will then work in this way All devices must be removed from the networkSimply click the link to share the password with others.

How to Create Downtime Schedule Using the AT&T Smart Home Manager


It should now be simple to disable wireless connectivity on your AT&T router or gateway. Remember that unchecking the Broadcast Wi-Fi (or Broadcast SSID) box does not turn off Wi-Fi; it simply hides the network name, allowing others to connect to your network.

If you have any issues with your wireless connection, you can contact AT&T’s Wireless support team for help.

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