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How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on Nintendo Switch? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

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Gaming consoles offer a new form of entertainment. Game consoles are not portable. The thing is – most of these consoles can only serve their purpose when connected to a TV or monitor. Video games console manufacturers have made it possible to provide gamers with multiple ways to enjoy their consoles even when they aren’t at home.

We will be discussing the Nintendo Switch’s Wi-Fi connectivity in this article. More precisely, we’ll explain how to disable Wi-Fi from Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Game Console

Nintendo Switch is the most popular video game console. Many people love it because it offers a wide range of uses.

You can use it at your home with the TV connected, or you can take it on your travels. You can play local multiplayer games with up 8 people online.

There are three models – Switch OLED, Switch, and Switch Lite. The last model is for use on-the-go.

Switch OLED or Switch comes in three options for you to choose from:

  • You can’t play in TV mode because the console must be connected to the TV or computer.
  • Multiplayer gaming can be done on the tabletop using Joy-Con controls.
  • Because you can stream or play wherever you are, the handheld mode is the most convenient.

The internet can be accessed via Wi-Fi on all three Nintendo Switch devices, whether you are playing online games or streaming. There are also apps on Nintendo such as YouTube and streaming services like Hulu. All of these apps require an internet connection. To access these apps and to use your Nintendo, you must connect to Wi-Fi.

All three Nintendo Switch devices can access the internet via Wi-Fi


Why would you want to turn off Wi-Fi on your Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth very easily, especially for online games that have multiple players. Wi-Fi gives you access also to all the apps available on your Nintendo device.

In certain circumstances, it is a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi on your Nintendo Switch. For battery savings, you can turn off Wi-Fi after playing. Or you can turn it on when you need to charge your console. You can disable Wi-Fi on Nintendo Switch as a parent to limit your child’s access to the internet services offered by the device.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to disable Wi-Fi from your Nintendo Switch.

Disable Wi Fi when using the Airplane mode

These steps will allow you to disable Wi-Fi completely when using the airplane mode.

  • Select the home menu in the screen of your Nintendo Device
  • Navigate to the System Settings menu
  • Click on the plane mode option
  • To activate the airplane mode, tap on the toggle button. To show that your airplane mode is active, you will see the airplane icon at the top of the Nintendo screen.
  • After the airplane mode is turned on, the Wi Fi connection will turn off.

airplane mode

Here’s a quicker way to access airplane mode:

  • From the quick settings, long press the home button.
  • Select the Airplane mode
  • This will instantly set your phone into airplane mode and will disconnect your Wi-Fi connections.

You need a Bluetooth connection to be able to use your Joy-Con controllers remotely, as we all know. If you activate the airplane mode on your Nintendo Switch the Wi-Fi connection will go down, but the Bluetooth connection will remain active (unless it is turned off).

Bluetooth will automatically connect your Joy-Con Controllers to the device regardless of whether your Wi-Fi connection is turned off. To turn Bluetooth off, tap the Bluetooth icon found right under the Airplane Mode.

Instead of activating the Airplane Mode by pressing the Wi-Fi button located below the Controller Bluetooth Connection, you can simply tap the WiFi button.

Wi-Fi button

You can forget the Wi-Fi Network for your Nintendo Switch

The list does not include Wi-Fi networks. However, it will disable Wi-Fi on Nintendo’s console.

These are the steps:

  • Select the home menu from the screen
  • Choose the Settings option from the menu
  • Select the Internet option
  • Select Internet settings
  • If your device was connected to a Wi-Fi network previously, you should see details of the connection when you tap on that Wi Fi network. Change Wi-Fi settings to see/modify them. To delete all information about a network, tap on Delete Network.

Delete Network

This option will forget the Wi-Fi network, including its credentials (Wi-Fi password), and won’t connect to it automatically. You will need to enter the password if you wish to reconnect to the same network again in the future.


Your Nintendo Switch can be connected to its Wi-Fi network for online and multiplayer gaming. It is recommended that you disconnect your console from the internet after playing to extend the battery life.

You can turn Wi-Fi on your Nintendo Switch with just a few simple taps. Follow our steps to disable Wi-Fi within minutes.

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