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How to Turn Off WiFi on Optimum Router?

by stacy

It’s easy to disable Wi-Fi using a router. It shouldn’t be. It is very difficult to turn off Wi Fi from an Optimum smart Wi-Fi router. Why would you want to disable Wi-Fi? How to disable Wi Fi on the Optimum router

Wireless connectivity and internet access have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are vital for many jobs and offer a wealth information. Wi-Fi should be used with caution.

You will feel guilty if you eat too much of them. Sweets can be delicious and make you feel good, but if you eat too many of them, you could gain weight quickly. Wi-Fi should be used with caution.

Turn off Wi-Fi!

According to research, Wi-Fi is known to have serious health effects. Although it is not a problem in the short term, the long-term consequences can be serious. Let’s look at some reasons Wi-Fi should be stopped from time to time.

  • Oxidative stress: Wi Fi can cause oxidative injury by decreasing the body’s antioxidants. This could lead to other problems. Antioxidant groceries might be a good idea.
  • Cellular Damage to DNA Wi-Fi is often linked with DNA damage. The fact is that DNA damage can result from oxidative stress.
  • Heart problems: High blood Pressure and damage to the erythrocytes can be some of the possible changes in the cardiovascular system.
  • Avoiding sleep disruption You can have better sleep and less anxiety by turning off Wi Fi occasionally. Sometimes, Wi-Fi can make it impossible to sleep.

These are just a few reasons Wi-Fi should not be used. Wi-Fi is a serious threat to’s health. It’s better to avoid than to treat it.

How can I disable Wi-Fi on most routers?

This will disable Wi-Fi on most routers. In the address field, enter the IP address for the router. You can find the IP address of your router on the back of your device.

After pressing Enter, the router’s page will open. You can then log in using the username/password (“admin”) default. The router settings page will now display. The router will usually have a section or tab for Wireless settings.

To enable or disable Wi Fi bands (5Ghz or 2.4Ghz), click on the tab or section that is relevant to wireless settings. If that is not possible, there are many other options.

Low-tech solution

You can purchase an outlet timer. You can set the timer to stop us from using the internet (i.e. When we are asleep. Hardware damage can result from the router’s power supply being constantly altered.

Installation of DD/WRT

(operating systems) is included with the router. may be used to replace firmware that was in the package. Sometimes, you may prefer a different software than what is included in the box.

DD-WRT is designed to make it easier to set up routers. Although it is easy to set up, some routers might not be compatible with it. Make sure you check the compatibility.

After you have checked the compatibility of your downloaded version, go to the router settings page. The Upgrade Firmware option will be found under the Administration TabSelect the file you wish to upgrade.

You might need to change the username and password again after changing them. The WirelessSSID Broadcast can be disabled by visiting the WLAN tab. Some versions of DDWRT allow you to set a wireless radio time limit.

You can choose the time that Wi-Fi will shut down. Go to the Wireless tab > Advanced Wireless > Radio Time Limitations. Then, we can set the dates and times when Wi-Fi should be turned off.

Turn off Wi Fi at Optimum router

It’s easy! Unplug your router cable. That’s it! By plugging your router into an outlet, you can re-enable Wi-Fi. It is easy to switch Wi-Fi on and off.

You can also disable Wi-Fi by using the setup page of your Optimum router. You can also log in with your Optimum credentials to the Optimum settings webpage.

At the bottom of this page, click Turn off Smart Wi-Fi. This will disable smart Wi-Fi. To do this, you can also use Altice One. Simply press the Altice1 button on the remote.

Select Settings from the main menu. Next, choose Internet and then select disable Smart Wi Fi. This should do the trick. It might not completely turn off Wi-Fi. If this happens, unplug the router.


There are many reasons why Wi-Fi should be turned off when not being used. All it comes down to your health. Third-party software will be required if Wi-Fi scheduling is necessary.

It can prove to be quite a nuisance. Although it’s not a bad idea, it’s a good idea to switch the router on/off when you wake up. It works exactly like any other routine.

These solutions may not work on Optimum routers or the Smart Wi-Fi stops functioning. Contact customer service. You might be able to get some help from them on how to turn off the router.

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