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How to Turn Off Xfinity Wi-Fi at Night (Explained in Detail)

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Turning off Xfinity Wi-Fi at night, whether to have a good night’s sleep or conserve bandwidth, can be tricky. There are many versions of Xfinity Gateways, so it can be difficult to know the right procedure. Below is a comprehensive guide that will show you how to disable Xfinity Wi Fi, regardless of which gateway version you have.

How to turn off Xfinity Wi Fi

You can disable Wi-Fi by cutting the power supply at your Xfinity gateway. Remember to also remove the battery from your gateway if it has one.

This would however, cut off your internet connection at home.

You can disable Wi Fi completely or partially. However, wired connections can still be activated through the xFi site or the Xfinity gateway management page (

Each platform has its own unique features, which allow users to control Wi-Fi access, when and who they can access it.

These features are available only to Xfinity subscribers that use the official Xfinity gateways. The xFi app cannot disable Wi-Fi radio.

Third-party routers that are compatible with Xfinity internet are put into Bridge mode. This disables xFi features.

Comcast internet users who use modems or routers from third parties can consult the manual to disable Wi-Fi.

Use the Gateway Administration Tool

You can access the administration page using a device that is connected to the Xfinity network either wirelessly or via ethernet.

Log in to the Administration Page

Open the web browser from your device. Type into the address bar. The default IP address of Xfinity Gateway is address.

Next, a prompt to enter a password or username will be displayed on the screen. Both password and admin are the default passwords and usernames.

If you have changed your username or password, please use the ones you’ve set and click OK.

You have successfully accessed the administration webpage.

Deactivate Wi-Fi Radios

On the left of the administration page, navigate to gateway>connection> Wi-Fi.

In the case of a dual-band router or 3-band router, you will see your Wi Fi network name.

Click Edit next to each Wi Fi band, and then disable under wireless networks.

Select Disabled

Disable Wireless Broadcasting

You can also uncheck the Enabled box in the Broadcast Network Name(SSID) section at the bottom.

The change does not disable the Wi-Fi radio, but it hides your Wi-Fi’s name from discovery by other devices. To manually reconnect, they will need to enter their Wi-Fi name.

To apply the changes, click Save Settings.

If you have xFiPods only one Wi Fi Band will be active. Use it to disable Wi Fi. XFiPods automatically use the best band so that only one band is active.

Disable Wi Fi via xFi

Xfi allows users to take more control of their devices and wireless networks with Xfinity Wi Fi. It can be accessed via the Xfinity xFi App on Android and iOS, or on the xFi Website.

Because it doesn’t support all xFi features, it is better to use xFi through an app than the website.

You can disable wireless broadcasting and turn off Wi Fi by using the gateway management page. Or you can cut the power supply to your gateway. You can also use the other methods below to limit internet access via Wi-Fi.

All settings found in this section can be found under profile settings.

The People tab on the app’s launch page allows you to organize devices in the house according to who uses them.

You can then sort all devices that you want to disable Wi-Fi under one profile. This allows you to use the xFi functions to automatically cut internet access at night.


Downtime allows you to disable Wi-Fi access at home on devices that are part of your profile.

You can set time and days parameters using the settings. Here’s what you need to do to set up downtime settings:

Click the settings icon in the upper left corner of your screen to access your preferred profile.

Select Create Schedule. It is located in blue next to Downtime.

Choose the schedule’s name from the available templates. These are Anytime (Homework), Dinner, and Nighttime.

Create Schedule

Click Next to select the duration of the schedule, and then select Apply.

select Apply

Limits on Active Time

The primary user can limit the amount of time that a profile can use Wi Fi. A notification is sent to the primary user when a profile approaches the limit.

This setting is crucial in restricting internet use for children. This will activate it:

  • Choose a profile. Tap Settings at the top-left corner of the screen
  • You can check any of the boxes to see weekends and weekdays.
  • Set the duration and allow the app pause Wi-Fi when a user exceeds the limit.
  • Click to Apply

Click Apply

You will need to set the parameters for any device that you add to a profile.

Navigate the connect tab on the app’s launch page to view paused devices that cannot access Wi-Fi.

You can also pause Wi Fi for all devices within a profile without setting any time limits. Click on a profile to pause all devices.

Pause all devices

Parents can disable Wi-Fi access on specific devices through parental control settings. These settings allow users to block websites, pause Wi Fi for devices, and deny access to the internet to specific devices.

How to disable Xfinity Wi Fi at Night

Wireless access is permanently restricted

MAC filtering can be used to permanently restrict the number of devices that can access WiFi. These settings will only allow certain devices to access the network, regardless of their profile.

MAC filtering works better than profiles, as it restricts the number of devices in your network. Even if the password is not known by the user, users can block any new devices from joining their network.

To activate:

  • Navigate to gateway>connection> Wi-Fi on the gateway administration page.
  • Click on the MAC filtering settings and choose the SSID you want to filter to from the dropdown list.
  • In the MAC Filtering Mode List, you can click Allow or Deny.
  • The Deny option allows all devices to use WiFi, except those on the wireless control lists.
  • Navigate to Auto-Learned wireless Clients, select the device, then click ADD to add it to the wireless control list.
  • Alternatively, go to Manually-Added wireless clients, type in the device’s MAC Address and name, and click ADD.
  • Click on Save filter settings to save changes

If you activate MAC filtering on an access point that you are using, you can add your device as a wireless control list. If you do not, your connection will be lost once the changes are applied.

VIDEO TUTORIAL – How to Set Up MAC Filtering Using Xfinity Gateway GUI


If you follow these steps carefully, turning off Wi-Fi at night will be simple. Xfinity provides a variety of Wi-Fi control features. Be sure to use the ones that are most appropriate for your needs. For any additional questions or difficulties, contact customer support.

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