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How to Turn On Wireless Capability On HP Laptop?

by stacy

Hewlett-Packard, a well-known computer manufacturer, is no surprise. The company has been around since more than 80 years. Many computer buyers are proud to own an HP laptop. A laptop’s convenience is one of the main reasons that people purchase it. This guide will show you how to activate wireless capability on your HP laptop.

Two things must be done before you connect to Wi Fi for the first-time.

  1. A laptop equipped with a Wi-Fi card (wireless connector) that can be used to send and get signals from the router. It’s usually already included in most laptops. You can attach an external wireless adapter to your laptop using a USB connection, or any other port.
  2. Name and password for network name: If you’ve already set up your Wi-Fi network at home, or mobile Wi-Fi, this information will be available to you.

Let’s now look at how to turn on your wireless internet.

First time Wi-Fi connection

You will need to set up all necessary configurations in order to connect to Wi-Fi for the first time. These steps will allow you to connect to Wi Fi.

  • Switch on the physical switch for your laptop. The button that activates Wi-Fi is usually located at the top of the keyboard. Some laptops have it on the side. Turn on your laptop after turning it on.

physical switch on the laptop

  1. Look for the Wi Fi network icon in lower toolbar near the bottom-right. Click Turn on to activate the Wi-Fi network.
  2. If the Wi Fi network icon is missing, press the Start button.
  • Type ‘hp wireless assistant in the search box.
  • Choose HP Wireless Assistant
  • Press Turn On to activate the wireless network
  • The wireless network icon will be located on the toolbar.

How to enable Wi-Fi using HP Wireless Assistant

  • Right-click the wireless network icon and select Open Network and Internet Settings.
  • Choose Network&Sharing Center
  • Select Set up a new connection under Network Settings.
  • Click on the manual connection you wish to use and then press “Next”.
  • Please enter the required network security information to set up wireless networks.
  • If you wish the computer to automatically start the Wi-Fi connection once it is in range, check the box “Start this Connection Automatically”.
  • Click ‘Available wireless networks’ to see a complete list of available networks in the area.

Re-engage with the Existing Network

When you first join to a Wi-Fi network, your device will detect the network once it comes into range. Because you choose automatic connection previously, the computer will connect to the nearest wireless network automatically.

If the ‘Automatic Connection’ box was not checked, perform these procedures to establish up a connection:

  1. First, the network must be within reach.
  2. You can turn on Wi Fi by pressing the button at your HP laptop.
  3. Click on the wireless icon to the right of the laptop screen. The list of nearby wireless network will be displayed.
  4. Select a wireless network that you want and click on ‘Connect’.
  5. Enter the password that is being asked by the system.
  6. You’re now connected to the wireless network.

How to manage your Wi-Fi

You may have to modify your Wi Fi network credentials at times, such as passwords or names. Follow these steps to monitor your wireless Wi Fi network.

  1. Click the wireless network icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  2. Then click Network & Internet settings.
  3. Select Network & Sharing Center.
  4. Select your wireless network.
  5. You can manage and modify your password settings. Once you are done, click OK to confirm.

Hardware Issues

If you can’t connect to any Wi-Fi network using our instructions, your HP laptop may be experiencing hardware issues that prevent it from joining. By disconnecting and reconnecting modems and routers, you can eliminate any potential issues. This will take care of the issue.

  1. First, turn off your laptop.
  2. Take out the modem and router wires and disconnect the power cord.
  3. After waiting five seconds, reconnect the router to modem.
  4. Wait for the lights to turn on, then check for blinking lights. If the lights stay on, it is safe to connect.
  5. Finally, turn on the HP laptop to test if the wireless connection works.

Faulty Network Adapter

The network adapter, also known as Wi-Fi card, that came pre-installed on your motherboard is what allows your HP laptop connect to Wi-Fi. The reason your HP laptop cannot connect to Wi Fi networks could be due to a bad network adapter.

To check if your network adapter is loose or faulty, you can do a bit of DIY. Take off the cover of your HP laptop and search for the network connector. You can remove it with a small screwdriver. After it has been removed, you can reconnect it. Now let’s see if you can get a Wi-Fi connection. If it doesn’t, the network adapter may be defective and should be replaced.

How to upgrade or replace your HP laptop’s Wi Fi card

Unknown devices are blocked from the network

It is a rapidly developing field in IT technology, with no sign of slowing down. Hackers are also keeping up with this development despite improved security measures. Hackers are always looking for ways to hack into your network. This is why it is important to have a solid approach to system security. One of the bad things that hackers can do is block your computer’s wireless capabilities. These steps will help you get rid of any unknown devices connected to the network.

  1. You can click on the Internet browser.
  2. Sign in to your router’s configuration panel using its default IP address.
  3. Select Devices Attached segment.
  4. This section allows you to track down unknown devices.
  5. Select the unidentified devices and hit Remove to throw them out.

Unknown devices have been removed successfully and you should now be able turn on your wireless capabilities again.

Final Thoughts

It may be difficult to turn on wireless capability for an HP laptop if your preference is knobs and dials.

We have provided a step-by-step guide for setting up wireless connections. If you follow our instructions, nothing could go wrong. You should also remember that HP laptops often have a physical wireless network switch you can’t miss.

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