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HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Scanning Setup and Troubleshooting Process

HP All-in-One Printer provides a range of functions with various networking options; with the software or application support, users can easily complete their core tasks. We gave information on the basic requirements and instructions for the HP OfficeJet Scanning Setup Pro 6968 here.


First, make sure you have the recommended Printer Software installed on your device.

Your computer and the printer device should be in active and ready condition. When you are using the WiFi Scanner then you will use the same wireless network with your device and printer.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Display System

  1. To get going, download Official Site’s new Driver- Product Installation Program. Visit the site of the Manufacturer, enter the model number of the printer, and click GO.
  2. Use the instructions on-screen and complete the process of installing the driver. If prompted, pick HP Scan as recommended option to mount.
  3. Place the text or picture on the scanner lid afterwards, and close the scanner pad. Use the Scan button, and select your device and type of scan.
  4. After a while your device will automatically open the scanned copy after the scanning process has been completed.
  5. If the scanning button cannot be located on your printer, use HP Print and Scan and complete the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Scanning Setup.
  6. First, search for HP while searching for windows, and open the printer device. Select Scan a Photo or Document and open HP scan.
  7. Get a preview of the scan and change the location of the file using the settings options. Press OK, or the save button, after adjusting the simple settings.

Scan Multiple PDF Documents

First, search for HP in the Windows search, and select from the list your printer device. Now, click on HP Printer Assistant to scan.

Open the HP Scan software and select a document or photo to scan. Before that use the save to save the document as a PDF or Document to File shortcut.

Choose PDF as the type save, enter the file name of your choice and click save.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 Scanning Setup – Scan to Email

Local email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Live mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird generally support Scan to Email features.

On the Other hand, you should use the local email client to configure the web based email accounts.

Tap the scan option on the Printer Device, and select your computer device from the list, and click the PDF email. Enter HP now in the search for Windows, and select your printer device.

Click Scan, and then select Scan a Document or Photo in the HP Printer Assistant window. Use the scan shortcut as JPEG, like Document to Email or Email, and then click Scan.

View the preview of the scan, make the necessary modifications and then click Send.

Troubleshooting- Scanner Failure

If the device displays message “Scanner Failure” or “Scanner System Failure,” there is some problem with hardware or power connection. Here we provided instructions to fix the issue relating to HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Scanning System.

Reset your Computer

Turn your printer equipment on and unplug the power cord. Reconnect the power cord to the printer unit and let it idle for 30 seconds.

Wait a bit, use the power button to turn your printer system ON and begin to print. If the problem remains unresolved, attach your printer system to another outlet and check the flow

If the system still shows scanner error, proceed with troubleshooting process and fix the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Scanning Setup problem.

Print and Scan Doctor

Visit HP Official Website, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor app on your computer and install it. Open the HP Print and Scan Doctor, pick your printer computer from the list, and click Start.

After that, open the software for HP Print and Scan Doctor, and click next. Click Fix Scan in the Troubleshooting and Fixing Problem tab.

Try to print, if the error remains, then continue to the next step.

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