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HP Deskjet 3520 Scan To Email setup

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HP DeskJet 3520 Printer Scan to Email setup

An HP DeskJet 3520 email printer scan is needed when sending a document to a computer not nearby or directly to another printer. Join an email scan with the printer control panel choices.

As an alternative, HP Scan can also be used in the computer to scan the HP DeskJet 3520 printer by email. You can quickly scan the document with the scanner and pin it with the completed task of your inbox.

The following instructions will help you to scan your email file. Follow the instructions vigilantly; your entire printer can suffer from a small blunder.

The first step in any HP DeskJet 3520 printer scan configuration is always to collect requirements. You have another option if you are short of requirements. Connect the file to an email message manually by saving the Scan on a computer folder.

Get local email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird) specifications. An email client is a software program that you can send and receive an email directly from your computer. The email printer HP DeskJet 3520 uses both the local email client and web-based email accounts.

See also whether your accounts are web-based (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail). Configure your email account to search it via your email application. Check for additional information on your local email support platform.

The progress of the Scan is based on the type of printer. Choose your computer’s name from the HP DeskJet 3520 printer scan menu for HP DeskJet 3520. Choose an Xml file or JPEG file. You will soon note a new email message opening on your computer screen.

You can also use the Scan for Email available in web-enabled HP Printers from the Apps menu, which sends emails directly from the printer with the help of ePrint email address from HP DeskJet 3520.

Search for HP in the windows and click on the results for your printer model name to open HP Printer Assistant and select Scan a document or photo to open the HP Scan.

Choose email shortcuts such as Photo to Inbox, Inbox Folder, PDF email or JPEG email and press Download. You will notice the opening of the Scan Preview. Click on Send. The Scan automatically opens a new email message.

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